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Ben Peter Ward Shares His Thoughts Of Omid Djalili’s Live At The Apollo Stand-Up Show At London’s Hammersmith Apollo

30 December 2021

We were given the chance recently to review Omid Djalili’s new stand up performance at the Hammersmith Apollo, being his first tour in around 4 years and of course the first in the post lockdown era his material was as expected based a lot around his experiences during said lockdowns...

Omid was as would be expected immediately at home and hasn’t lost his touch with the crowd, what followed was a nice mixture of both intelligent humour and notes upon class and cultural differences. What in my own opinion at least seemed to let his act down was his reliance on some material seen in previous sets which was for the most part was funny if grating by then close of his performance.



No one can doubt Omid’s ability, however I don’t believe this show was him at his hilarious best. I do hope that his next effort shakes off the rust and is a return to form.

Lastly, whilst not quite a criticism the show opens with a video montage of Omid’s film roles over the last several years.. This was enjoyable and I’m assuming was a case of familiarising newer people with his previous works it did feel a little out of place and somewhat of a “oh you remember him, they guy from The Mummy.. etc..” statement.

In conclusion, if you like Omid’s previous work then you will very much enjoy this and it’s a safe bet for all the family, if not it’s still worth seeing but may feel like it drags a little.

It's a solid 3.5 starts out of 5.

Written by Ben Peter Ward

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