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Benicio del Toro, Hollywood Glamour of Women and Cocktails

29 September 2010

Oscar winning Puerto Rico born actor, Benicio del Toro is snapped surrounded by women and cocktails. What more can life want?

Last week the actor lent a touch of Hollywood glamour Saturday to the campaign of Brazil's ruling party candidate in presidential elections, Dilma Rousseff.

The two had a brief discussion over breakfast in a hotel in the northern of Sao Paulo suburb of Campinas.

Del Toro, whose leftist sympathies led him to play Che Guevara in an acclaimed role, declined to speak to the media about his show of support to Rousseff.

After The Wolfman flopped last year we have high hopes for his next film, White Widow where a young girl, ( Melissa George) is looking for romance, but is attracted to the wrong men, she finds herself with a cache of stolen diamonds on the run from mobsters.

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