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13 November 2019

Bingo is one of the most popular games worldwide. A wonderful pastime played across generations.

However, it’s fair to say it doesn’t really offer the glitz and glam required to be a star of Hollywood. You’d be surprised though. While you won’t find huge shootouts in bingo halls or tension building whodunnit cases focused on stolen dabbers, you will find the game cropping up more and more.

The bingo industry is as big as it’s ever been, with bingo sites and halls alike particularly popular in Europe and the USA.

In more recent times bingo has been a real scene stealer, and the following films or shows really should be enjoyed...

Curb Your Enthusiasm
You know that Larry David and bingo will just cause chaos and it absolutely does.

Larry played back in 2005 in the episode Kamikaze Bingo. The title perhaps says it all.

It’s one of the most iconic episodes of the show and is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.



Hotel Transylvania
A family friendly film, Hotel Transylvania brings bingo to the masses and is one of the funniest of the genre.

It revolves around Dracula building a hotel resort in Transylvania, hidden from humans and for monsters to enjoy a break. Of course, one of the most enjoyable activities offered by resorts is bingo!

It’s a fun scene and even involves a spooky twist. Certainly one you won’t get in online bingo room!



Better Call Saul
Breaking Bad returned in El Camino recently, but it was in Better Call Saul where fans got to enjoy a bit of bingo.

As with every aspect of the show, it wasn’t exactly straight forward. Title character Saul is hosting a bingo game to drum up business, but rather than calling “legs 11” or “two fat ladies”, he instead decided to lecture the audience about all his problems. Hilarity ensues and a Saul plan goes down badly once again.



Bad Grandpa
It’s unheard of to see a bingo game
In a TV show or movie that is designed to draw tension or action, and Bad Grandpa is no different.

It’s all about fun and Bad Grandpa certainly brings that. Bad by name and by nature, Grandpa tries to drink marker fluid, and generally behaves like a nuisance. It’s Jackass at its finest and despite the film generally being panned is certainly worth a watch.




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