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Best Hoodies For Youth: What Students Are Wearing In Fall 2020 – Being In Trend Doesn’t Mean Only Dressing Up For Classes

22 September 2020

Do you remember times when wearing a hoodie was something that could instantly mark you out as a wrong’un and would-be robber? Luckily, now passers-by don’t go straight to the other side of the street once they meet someone in a hoodie. Thanks to designers, this item has transformed from the uniform of angry adolescents to a thing worn by stylish people.

Initially, the hoodie was designed to keep athletes warm and dry in bad weather conditions. Since then this item has been adopted by hip-hop culture, skaters, snowboarders, and university students. Why is it so popular among students? Probably, the most important reason is that it offers comfort. Hoodie hysteria is going on among college students because it’s not only comfortable but stylish as well. Most students pay much attention to fashion trends and their looks. Therefore, a hoodie is a great option for those who want to be stylish and on-trend.

But being in trend doesn’t mean only dressing up for classes. Most students would agree now, that smart is the new sexy. Nowadays, being intelligent is not only a necessity but a trend as well. Knowledge and skills gained at college will not just broaden your outlook and make you an interesting person but will come in handy for your future career. Unfortunately, some students cannot demonstrate good academic results at once due to various reasons. And this is okay because student life is full of challenges. That’s why many students seek help with their assignments. Some of them ask their peers for explanations or turn to professional writing services. Don’t worry if you have difficulties with some tasks because edubirdie will complete your coursework, research paper, essay, and many other types of assignments. This online service will definitely meet your expectations so you will get the highest grade and become a top student. Is there anything that can be more trendy than being an intelligent and well-educated person?



How to wear your hoodie?

As an element of a layered look

Wearing a hoodie alone can look too simple for some people. If you are one of them, use this item as a part of a layered look. A cozy hoodie from cashmere can be a great layering piece that will make you look sharp and keep warm at the same time. You can combine a light crew-neck T-shirt with a zip-up hoodie over it. Add a jacket or an overcoat, slim jeans, and trainers to look fashionable.

With a leather jacket

A leather jacket is a familiar clothes item for everyone. Its combination with a hoodie works well for a fall season. A well-fitting hoodie with a casual design is a perfect option for various occasions, like going to college and hanging out with friends after classes. You can use a dark leather jacket and indigo jeans as the base for your look and experiment with hoodies in different colors. You can also add a pair of leather or suede Chelsea boots to make your look smart.

In combination with tailoring

To mark yourself out of the crowd, try a combination of a hoodie with a blazer or suit. Those students who want to sharpen up should experiment with layering under a suit. For sure, this outfit will rip up traditional rules. To nail this look, add lace-up sneakers instead of classic shoes. Why not to give this high-low combination a whirl?

Mix it with tailored trousers

If you are not ready for experiments described in the previous paragraph, you could combine a hoodie with a pair of smart trousers. If you don’t like to show off, opt for a neutral color hoodie and add a pair of sports luxe sneakers. The mix of smart and casual is a great choice for students, isn’t it?

As an element of an athleisure look

A well-fitted hoodie from soft fabrics can make your look sharp and neat. Combine a black hoodie, fitted joggers, and minimal leather sneakers. It seems to be a great alternative for those who believe that comfort and coolness go hand-in-hand.



The best hoodie brands for the youth

If you prefer streetwear, you should choose brands that prioritize quality and performance over design. The minimum standards for them must be pure cotton and heavyweight. In this case, an excellent choice for you could be a skateboarding brand Palace. Tokyo-based BAPE and cult New York firm Supreme also offer awesome oversized streetwear hoodies. If you always choose the best for yourself, opt for hoodies from Champion’s Reverse Weave line produced by OG.

Students who give preference to a high street fashion can find something among decent entry-level options. For instance, Topman offers reasonably priced hoodies that are affordable for people studying at college. They make hoodies in practically every shade under the sun, so you can buy an item that fits your college outfit best. Zara also offers a wide range of hoodies, from everyday throw-overs to designer brand ‘homages’ with on-trend prints.  

Today, buying a hoodie of premium quality is not a problem anymore. You can choose one from lambswool, cashmere or premium cotton and pair it with smart pieces of clothes. The brands like Sunspel, Derek Rose, and Brioni are worth exploring if you seek for timeless designs in ultra-luxe materials.

How to choose a hoodie?

  • Opt for hoodies made of pure cotton so they will have optimum quality and longevity.
  • If you want to look smarter, buy pullover designs instead of zip-up ones.
  • Choose hoodies in a color that complements your existing wardrobe.
  • Look for a fitted hoodie to look sharp rather than sloppy.
  • Don’t opt for personalized comedy hoodies if you don’t want peers to make fun of you.

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Jeremy Raynolds is an academic writer and amateur fashion designer. His hobby is to design clothes for teenagers and adolescents. Jeremy loves street fashion and helps people to be in trend at his workshops about style and design.

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