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14 June 2023

The casino is a theme used in movies and television shows to play with tropes found in storytelling. Yet while poker and roulette take centre stage, the backbone of the casino, the slot machine, often gets left behind. Below, we give three of the best scenes in TV and film that involve slot machines. 

What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas is a classic romantic comedy with a star cast. Cameron Diaz plays a high-flying trader, who finds herself jilted by her fiancé. Ashton Kutcher is her love interest, a carpenter who gets let off from his father's business. Both travel to Vegas to let off steam, and a chance encounter throws them into chaos as they end up getting drunk and married on the same night. 

Before getting a divorce, a $3 million jackpot win puts plans into chaos as Cameron Diaz's character says that as they are legally married, she is entitled to half. The two begin battling against each other, only to inevitably realise they are the perfect couple. 

It was a box office smash and remains one of the most innovative rom-com of its time. At its core, the theme is that you have to be in it to win. There are more slot machines than ever, particularly online, many of which have high jackpots and attractive welcome bonuses. Online slots are great entertainment with the added convenience of not visiting a physical establishment. You can read more about the selection available here. 



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Race to Witch Mountain

Race to Witch Mountain is one of Dwayne Johnson's lesser-known movies. He plays a hardened mob boss, Jack Bruno, who must get two aliens disguised as children to their craft housed in Las Vegas for $15,000. On the way, they are hunted by the security services who want to take them away for interrogation. 

One scene sees the group trapped in a casino. Using alien powers of telekinesis, one of them makes all of the machines switch to winning reels. This causes all players to hit the jackpots and the casino goes wild, allowing them to escape. A fun movie, it is a great family show that can be enjoyed by all. 



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Twin Peaks: The Return

David Lynch is known for his surreal and experimental TV shows and movies, subverting and paying homage to pop culture and soap operas.

Twin Peaks: The Return sees David Lynch's off-the-wall thriller return to screens after a hiatus. While the casino, One Eyed Jack's, has always played a prominent role, this series it takes has a whole scene dedicated to it. Dale Cooper returns and is lost, not knowing where to go or who he is. He soon sees someone playing slots and imitates them. A magical light appears above the slots and helps him win a jackpot, even telling others which ones to use. 

There is much more available throughout TV and cinema. If you haven't seen these, check them out as they are not only great slot scenes, but excellent viewing. 

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