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Biutiful star Javier Barden wanted for Ron Howard’s The Dark Tower

27 January 2011

It's been a good week for Javier Bardem; he and his wife Penélope Cruz welcomed a healthy baby boy over the weekend and now rumour has it that the Oscar winner is being lined up to star with Christian Bale in Stephen King's The Dark Tower.

The Dark Tower is the brain child of Ron Howard, who plans to shoot a feature length film and then a television series featuring the same cast.

The project is a challenge, and it hasn't been officially greenlit by Universal at this stage. As for the female lead role, the contenders for the role include Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter, Pirates of the Caribbean's Naomie Harris newcomer Ghita Tazi.

The Dark Tower is a complex story that follows Gunslinger Roland Deshain who roams an Old West-like landscape in search of a dark tower, which is rumoured to be a magical portal to other worlds. If the project is greenlit, it is expected in 2013, however concidering the talent rumoured for the role and auditions flocking in are Universal really going to say no to Ron Howard?

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