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Black Swan beauty Mila Kunis and Home Alone icon Macaulay Culkin Split

12 January 2011

First of all, who knew these two were even together!? Mila, who until a few years ago was just another hot actress on popular US TV show That 70's Show, who was yet to break onto the big screen, and Macaulay could have been in prison since Home Alone for all we know, in fact he was in prison in his last tv appearance in an ad for UK phone Network Orange. So it's no wonder these two managed to keep their relationship off the radar for 8 whole years!!! That's longer than most celebrity marriages!

While promoting Black Swan last month, Mila managed to keep the split under wraps despite questions about the couples relationship, however a clue may have been in her reply, the 27 year old said

"I'm not going to say it's all butterflies and rainbows, you have to want to work at it. We both love each other and care about each other."

She also explained that she tries to keep her working and personal lives separate in order to maintain a healthier relationship, saying; " We keep our careers and personal lives separate and I think in this industry it's important not to mix the two, because it would be draining on any relationship.

Which is probably how we haven't heard much about their dating, despite it being for nearly a decade. Apparently the couple just weren't on the same page anymore as Culkin lives in New York and Kunis lives in LA, however the split was amicable.

You can see Mila Kunis next in Black Swan alongside Natalie Portman at the end of the month. She returns to the big screen in Friends with Benefits alongside Justin Timberlake in June this year.

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