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Black Swan vixen Mila Kunis isn’t fazed by Award Shows

16 January 2011

Mila Kunis has revealed that she doesn't take award shows too seriously. The recently single Black Swan babe doesn't focus on awards like some actors do and the pressure to win doesn't faze the young star.

She said in an interview with People at the Critics' Choice Awards "They're just awards. It's not the end of the world. People need to relax."

At the awards show which saw her nominated for her supporting role in Black Swan she also commented on her approach to dressing for the red carpet adding "I don't plan, which is maybe my problem in life, I play it by ear."

Part of why the Family Guy star doesn't get too worked up about awards shows is that she'd simply rather be at home. "I'm not good with big groups of people – I'm just not, I love what I do. But when you put me in environments such as this, I just want to go home and put my sweat pants on."

With another chuckle, Kunis added, "Other than that, it's great."

Kunis will be seen alongside Natalie Portman when  Black Swan hits UK cinemas on Friday, following that the Golden Globe nominated siren will be seen alongside Justin Timberlake in the Will Gluck written and directed Friends With Benefits when it hits UK cinemas on September 2.

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