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Boardwalk Empire Season Four – coming to Blu-ray and DVD on Monday – New Cast Members

17 August 2014

To celebrate the Blu-ray & DVD release of Boardwalk Empire Season 4 on 18th August, we’re taking a look at the slew of new characters in this dazzling prohibition-era epic.

The introduction of SIX unique new characters, all with different motivations, help to develop Season Four into a thrilling journey of deceit and intrigue set in Atlantic City during the roaring twenties...

Valentin Narcisse

This season’s nemesis for Nucky is Dr. Valentin Narcisse - an immigrant from Trinidad who is a doctor of theology and dedicated to advancing the interests of African Americans. As the most powerful gangster in Harlem, he plans to take over the heroin business, the numbers business and anything else he can get his hands on.

Despite being a dangerous big time gangster, Narcisse publicly displays himself as an intelligent and charitable man, cleverly disguising that he is only out to serve his own interests.

Roy Phillips

Roy Phillips is a high level executive for the Piggly Wiggly Corporation; one of the first supermarket chains in the country. He travels to Atlantic City to forge a merger between the Piggly Wiggly Corporation and the AMP Company, and when he goes searching for an apartment to live in he meets the luminous and dazzling Gillian Darmody.

Gillian and Roy hit it off immediately. Roy sees her as a kindred spirit who believes that people are in charge of their own destiny. Roy represents a brand new future for Gillian and when the two of them end up together, the problems in Gillian’s life begin to improve.

Warren Knox

Warren Knox is a prohibition agent who first appears in episode one.  First impressions suggest he is a country bumpkin, but by the end of the episode we realise he has a much darker side.

His name isn’t Warren Knox at all. His true identity is James Tolliver; an undercover agent for the Bureau of Investigation which was the forum and the foreigner of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who reports to a young J. Edgar Hoover. He views corrupt Feds as no better than criminals themselves and is more than happy to kill anyone in order to get what he needs.

Sally Wheat

Sally Wheat is a tough, no-nonsense speakeasy owner down in Tampa. She doesn’t trust many people after fighting her way through a turbulent upbringing. She also calls out Nucky’s shortcomings and isn’t afraid to sock him in the jaw if need be.

Nucky finds Sally’s self-reliant character very refreshing and an enjoyable contrast from other women who always seem to be after something from him.

Frank Capone

Frank Capone is the older brother of the well-known gangster Al Calpone. When Frank shows up in Chicago, he immediately steals Al’s thunder and undermines everything Al has built in Atlantic City over the years. As a charismatic and natural born leader, Frank effortlessly gains respect as opposed to Al who is always scrapping for it. Although the two brothers are very similar in some respects, Frank ultimately doesn’t have the same hunger to keep control of the business.

Daughter Maitland

Daughter Maitland is a beautiful, talented Jazz singer who is introduced to Chalky White by Valentine Narcisse at the Onyx Club. This opportunity is life-changing for Maitland as she begins to discover the glitz and glamour of fame.

Maitland is from a similar background to Chalky and he falls in love at first sight as she represents something that he really understands; being a small person in a big city. Just like Chalky, Maitland came to Atlantic City to follow her dreams and as soon as she stepped in to the Onyx Club, she saw a glimpse of what her dreams were made of. 

Don’t miss a second of the new cast, new plot, new deceit, and most importantly a new battle between Nucky and the new criminals in town. Watch it all unfold in Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-ray & DVD on 18th August, courtesy of HBO Home Entertainment.