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Brad Pitt Producing Dark Void Video Game Adaptation

22 November 2009

We're probably never going to see Brad Pitt star in a video game adaptation-- he's not quite young enough to pull off the whole rogue warrior thing, and plus, I think he's got better ideas for his own career. But that doesn't mean Brad is ignoring the video game trend-- after all, he has many, many children under the age of 10. So today we get news from Variety that Pitt is planning to produce a movie adaptation of Dark Void, a video game set in an alternative universe accessible via the Bermuda Triangle.

Pitt's Plan B and the Indian media corporation Reliance Big Entertainment will be producing the film, which gets released from Capcom early next year. I always wonder in cases like this how the producers decide to pick up the movie. Do they get an advanced copy of the game, spend a few days engrossed in it, and then assume that everyone else will be as fascinated by it as they were? I hope Maddox had a say in this decision.

Source: Cinema Blend

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