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brand-B Corportation’s Dan Brownlie, Jessica Ann Bonner and Dani Thompson debut Serial Kaller at Horror-on-Sea Film Festival

25 January 2015

Following the exciting news that The Tombs: Rise of the Damned is now in pre production, filmmaker Dan Brownlie took to Horror-on-Sea Film Festival in Southend-on-sea with his leading ladies Dani Thompson and Jessica Ann Bonner to debut Serial Kaller.

Dan, Dani and Jessica introduced the film to the masses of Horror aficionados and thanked Dani who co wrote with Dan Brownlie and Jessica said of the event "It was amazing! Everyone seemed to enjoy the film and laughed in all the right places. People were guessing all through the film who the killer was. Great fun!"



Dan Brownlie added "The Horror-on-sea crowd were %100 into our film. They just got it, and the end blew them out of the water. It was a great crowd to play to and an amazing festival to be part of."

Dani Thompson added “Serial Kaller seems to go down well, there were lots of laughs in the right places, horror fans are the best!”

In Serial Kaller the girls of Babealicious TV are the girls of men's dreams but when a viewers obsession turns to anger and hate the girls might just begin to wish they were plain Janes.



Photography courtesy of Niki Cornish Photography, check her out on Facebook!

About Horror-on-Sea Film Festival
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