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Brendon Hansford’s Newly Launched DNACERS Is An Online Platform Allowing Anyone From Around The World To Join And Dance

11 August 2020
Newly launched DNACERS is an online platform allowing anyone to dance anywhere and anytime, with their chosen choreographer. DNACERS has revolutionised the way online dance platforms operate and will offer interactive live classes, on-demand classes and mentoring all in one place with top choreographers from around the world. 
DNACERS was co-created by Brendon Hansford, an award-winning, international celebrity choreographer and movement director based in London. This platform adds value to everyone involved in the dance industry; from the student to the teacher. The founders followed the model of Netflix and created a platform that is subscription based which is affordable for consumers, but also allows the teachers to earn an income, which is a complete game changer for the dance world. 
Subscribers will benefit from: 
·       Unlimited access to 100+ on-demand classes. 
·       Over 100+ of the world’s best choreographers. 
·       Access to over 300+ interactive live classes every month. 
·       Over 100+ on-demand routines uploaded every month. 
·       No long contracts – you can cancel anytime. 
·       Discounted rates for interactive live classes. 
·       A 7-day free trial. 
·       Use code BH25 for 25% off lifetime subscription. 
Brendon has also built in and will run a Young Choreographers Programme (YCP) on the platform. The aim is to show the incredible talents of the next generation of dancers, choreographers & performers. 
DNACERS will continue to grow and work with the most talented choreographers worldwide and are currently in the process of developing their mental health & mentoring element to ensure they deliver the very best support to all fellow dancers. 
Having over 20 years of dance experience, Brendon has worked with huge music artists including Sam Smith, Rod Stewart, Normani, and Rick Astley and has grown his social media following to over 100k. His melting pot of dance styles seamlessly blend into his choreography, with a strong focus on commercial, street dance styles, lyrical and jazz/funk. 
Alongside his choreography and teaching, Brendon also runs a talent and production agency called BH Creative
DNACERS are also looking to launch a global dance convention so to keep updated on more news, please follow @dnacers_official.

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