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Breslin signs on to indie drama

18 August 2011

Abigail Breslin has signed on to new indie drama film, The Class Project.

It looks as though the star is finally stepping away from the sweet and innocent child roles that brought her fame such as Little Miss Sunshine, and is stepping into a much more sinister role for the new project.

The film tells the story of two sisters who become sick of her their mother’s drinking problems and abusive relationships with her equally as drunk boyfriends that they decide to murder her. Not so innocent now is she?

The film’s script has been written by Fabrizio Fillippo and Adam till. The film will be directed by Stan Brooks.

It should be interesting to see the sweet child star take on a role as gritty as this, will she be able to pull it off? We will have to wait and see.

The film will begin shooting later this month.


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