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BRIDGERTON And CORONATION STREET: Sally And Phoebe Dynevor – Famous British TV Dynasties Earning Over £10,000 Per Insta Post!

18 January 2021

It was recently revealed that Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton in Netflix’ Bridgerton) and Sally Dynevor (Sally Webster in Coronation Street) are mother and daughter.

Britain is well known for its family acting dynasties, but this left’s film department wondering which British actors have other famous relatives in the acting sphere? In addition to collating this data, they utilised Influencer Marketing Hub to reveal the British families with the highest potential Instagram earnings per post.


Family Name

Total Followers

Estimated Earnings

Dyer family



Allen family



Webb/Lomas family



Dynevor family



Fox family



After analysing famous families of actors, can reveal that the Dyers are estimated to be the highest-earning family! The family’s combined estimated earnings total to £11,603.88 per Instagram post. Danny Dyer is famous for his role as Mick Carter in EastEnders and Tommy Johnson in The Football Factory. His daughter Dani followed his steps into the limelight, most famously winning Love Island’s fourth season with acting credits in Vendetta and Doghouse



In second place is the Allen family with combined estimated earnings of £7,132.90 per Instagram post. Alfie Allen is best known for his role of Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones and singer/songwriter Lily Allen with her acting credit as a Lady in Waiting in the 1998 drama, Elizabeth - the pair rack up a whopping 2,430,912 Instagram followers between them. Their famous dad Keith Allen who is not on Instagram, played the Sheriff of Nottingham in BBC’s Robin Hood adaptation between 2006 and 2009 as well as The Body Farm and the new crime show The Pembrokeshire Murders.

Emmerdale’s Charley Webb and HollyoaksJamie Lomas are the third highest-earning family of British actors as they could receive an approximate £4,081.48 per Instagram post.

Following the success of Netflix’s new show Bridgerton, Phoebe Dynevor and her mother Sally Dynevor (Coronation Street) take fourth place as the highest-earning family of actors. Thanks to their 1,139,154 Instagram followers, the duo has the potential to earn £4,050.10 if they combined their estimated earnings per post.  

In fifth place is the Fox family with a combined estimated £884.23 per post. Members of the family who engage on Instagram consist of Emilia Fox (Silent Witness), Laurence Fox (Inspector Lewis) and Jack Fox (Riviera).

However, other relatives missing from the photo-sharing platform include James Fox (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), Lydia Fox (Submarine), Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd), Freddie Fox (White House Farm), and Edward Fox (The Day of the Jackal).




  1. collated a list of over 20 acting families and scoured Instagram to see whether their relatives engaged on the platform.
  2. They then used Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Earnings Tool to find the maximum estimated earnings per sponsored post. Following this, they combined each relative’s followers and estimated earnings to create the final numbers. 

*The combined earnings per post looks at how much these families could earn if they partnered for sponsored posts. All data was collected on 11/01/2021 and is accurate as of then.

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