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Bristol Street Motors Unveil These Movie Posters Which Feature The Cars That ALMOST Made The Cut In Movies!

12 August 2020

In some films, the cars can become bigger stars than the actors that drive them. The DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future is iconic in it’s own right, but did you know the films could have turned out with completely different motor stars?

Bristol Street Motors have uncovered that iconic movie cars of the past weren’t always the original plan and have reimagined what the movies would have looked like if their destined alternatives were used.


The Love Bug (1968)

Volkswagen Beetle v Volvo P1800

The Love Bug nearly didn’t make it to the big screen as Disney, as when the movie was being created the producers had no cars in mind when they thought of Herbie, so they held a casting call for car manufacturers, Volvo included. The VW Beetle was, luckily, the only car to elicit an emotional reaction from the crew, with many of them even reaching out to pet it, and thus Herbie was born.



Bristol Street Motors also recreated movie posters revealing the other alternatives for the following iconic cars:

  • The Italian Job

Mini Cooper vs. Fiat 500

There has always a close competition between the two cars due to their similar size and target audience, even in 1969 when the film was being created. Upon consideration, Deeley just couldn’t make sense of British crooks driving Italian-produced cars in Italy, and so stuck with Mini Coopers.



  • Magnum PI

Ferrari 308 vs. Porsche 928

Originally, a Porsche 928 was the preferred choice of producers for Magnum PI. However, the 6 ft 4 actor Tom Selleck meant that the car had to be adapted to accommodate his size and Porsche reduced to allow their car to be altered – so producers were forced to look for alternatives.



  • Back To The Future

DeLorean DMC 12 vs. A Refrigerator

Bristol Street’s research reveals that in the first two drafts of the movie, a lead lined refrigerator took the role of the time machine. However, mobility became an issue and co-author Bob Zemeckis dared to ask, “Wouldn’t it make more sense to build the time machine into a car?”



  • Batman

Lincoln Futura vs. Cadillac Series 62

A 1959 Cadillac was originally planned for the Batmobile, but three weeks before filming began it was decided that they needed something faster. Geoge Barris was brought in and thinking fast, he bought the Futura and added some fail fins and other Batman-esque features – and the rest is history.



  • 007: Goldfinger

Aston Martin DB5 vs. Blower Bentley

In the Bond novels, the character counted his treasured Blower Bentley as his personal hobby. Ian Fleming received a letter from a fan one day encouraging the author to ‘have the decency to fix him up with some decent machinery’ as the Bentley was then 20 years old, and so gave Bond an Aston Martin DB3 which changed to the DB5 when the Goldfinger film came out 5 years later. 



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