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British Action Short Film OFFICER DOWN Showing In November Brings Challenging New Role For Actor Martin Delaney

04 November 2020

“I grew up watching Jackie Chan’s early martial arts films and loved the realism of his fights”

Martin Delaney is no stranger to gritty action roles. He has been under fire in Hollywood blockbusters Zero Dark Thirty, Flags Of Our Fathers, and the recent Catch-22 TV mini-series directed by and starring George Clooney.  His latest role is in Simon Pearce’s action thriller short film Officer Down, which premieres to UK audiences in November at Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York,  London’s Fighting Spirit Festival, celebrating  martial arts and action movies, and the Waterford Film Festival in Ireland.  All are virtual events this year with the film available to view online.



Officer Down follows young British police officer, Alex Trent, who finds himself cut off and trapped during civil unrest, forcing him to fight for his survival. In doing so, he also has to overcome his own fears and bias in order to get out of the situation alive.  Directed by award-winning British filmmaker Simon Pearce, it also stars Josef Altin (Game of ThronesTop Boy) and Ben Turner (CasualtyEastEnders), with cinematography by BAFTA-nominated Phil Méheux BSC (Casino RoyaleGoldeneyeThe Long Good Friday), Of his role, Martin says, “PC Alex Trent is an everyman out of his depth. At the same time, when forced into a corner, his true nature bubbles to the surface. The person he doesn’t know he is, comes forward. I’ve loved using my martial arts background, skills that I’ve not really had the opportunity to use before on screen.” 



Martin, who is half Irish and half Burmese, has proven himself to be a versatile actor over the years in theatre, TV and film and that has kept him much in demand. He found early success in the West End production of Oliver! But he rose to fame in TV soap, Family Affairs as well as appearing in The Bill,  Robin Hood, Outlander and Renford Rejects, Nickelodeon’s first UK-made drama   His talent for comedy has also found an outlet in Him & HerTwo Pints Of Lager and Josh Widdicombe’s Josh. Future projects include a feature film currently in pre-production.

With Officer Down, Martin has been able to indulge his passion for martial arts. “I grew up doing martial arts and having a huge love of action films”, he says, “I watched Jackie Chan’s early martial arts films and loved the realism of his fights. He always ended up battered and bruised. It raises the stakes, seeing the character go through such adversity and come out on top.”

He adds, “I’ve really enjoyed getting an opportunity to put that background to some good use in Officer Down.” 



Additionally, Officer Down is playing internationally at Hollyshorts and Fort Lauderdale as well as the prestigious Urban Action showcase that celebrates the diversity of action entertainment.


Officer Down (2020) Official Trailer from Deniable Productions on Vimeo.

Officer Down has been produced by Emily Haigh of Siren Call Films and Simon Pearce of Deniable Productions. Officer Down is playing at the following UK and Ireland venues:

Aesthetica Short Film Festival - 3rd - 20th November

Fighting Spirit Film Festival - 7th November                                                                                                                    

Waterford Film Festival - 20th - 23rd November

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