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British Horror THE MOOR From Filmmaker Chris Cronin Set For ‘First Blood’ World Premiere At Pigeon Shrine FrightFest

18 August 2023

The chilling and atmospheric British horror, The Moor, from Chris Cronin, is set to have its World Premiere at Pigeon Shrine Festfest. Premiering on Saturday 26th August, the film will be screening as a part of FrightFest's prestigious 'First Blood' strand, showcasing releases from up-and-coming filmmakers.

The Moor marks Chris Cronin's his feature-length directorial debut and stars Sophia La Porta, David Edward-Robertson, Bernard Hill and Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips.



Claire was just a child when her best friend was abducted and murdered. Twenty five years later, Bill, the dead boy's father, has a plan to learn the truth about what really happened. With the help of psychic Eleanor, they venture deep into a haunted moor where something dark and evil stirs at their presence.



Commenting on the film's Selection at FrightFestDirector Chris Cronin said "My aim with this story was to create an original horror film set in my home county of Yorkshire. Instead of delving into the fictional murders themselves, I focused on the aftermath and how something so terrible affects lives and relationships. What happens when so much grief and guilt are left unresolved? As a genre filmmaker I wanted to explore those important questions through tension and suspense. Genre lets us take a look at very human and painful situations and make them larger than life, forcing us to re-examine them. Thankfully, most of us don't know what it's like to experience a tragedy as great as Bill and Claire’s, but through the medium of horror we can elevate how awful it would be, making the audience really feel it.

Both myself and the writer grew up in the Huddersfield area, a stone’s throw from the vast moorlands. Without ever knowing its history we still felt its ominous presence. We could sense our parents feelings about the place - no one really explained to us what happened up there, but as kids you kind of fill in the blanks. The Moors take on a dark life of their own, Yorkshire’s very own bogeyman.

It's no coincidence that I'm a kid of the early 90's and that’s when our film’s prologue takes place."



FrightFest, the UK’s biggest, best and most beloved community-driven horror & fantasy film festival, returns in a blaze of gory glory to the Cineworld Leicester Square, London, for its 24th edition, this year with pioneering technology & entertainment company Pigeon Shrine as its headline sponsor. The company is the brainchild of Tom Paton, working alongside industry finance veterans Jamie McLeod-Ross and Charley McDougall.



Running from Thursday August 24 – Monday 28 August, Pigeon Shrine FrightFest is a joyful big screen celebration of genre cinema, offering a carnival of carnage, a smorgasbord of shock and a tableau of terror. This year, over five days, audiences can explore the magic of menace, mayhem and mischief with seventy films programmed across four screens. There are twenty five world, twenty three International / European and twelve UK premieres, with fourteen countries represented, spanning five continents.




The Moor Film Page

The Moor will have its 'First Blood' World Premiere at FrightFest on 26th August

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