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British Independent Film Streaming Platform FILM AHOY Announces Exciting New Alliance With RED ROCK ENTERTAINMENT

28 May 2021

FILM AHOY, the online indie film streaming platform launched by UK Producer Dean Fisher (Bow Street Media), is delighted to announce a new working relationship with Gary Collins, CEO of RED ROCK ENTERTAINMENT to help grow the company with an injection of circa £2 million; building their existing audience and acquiring new exciting titles, new genre content and high profile performers.

Film Ahoy prides itself on offering the most expansive, international catalogue of independent films available to watch for free.  There is no subscription fee, and every film can be watched gratis with the inclusion of 2 minute ad-breaks every 20 minutes; but, for a flat rate of £1 per film without ads.  This fresh and easy-to-navigate site is now live, boasting a vast array of genres and will soon launch The ‘Best of British’ channel, a short film channel and a partnership with The Gold Movie Awards.

Red Rock Entertainment is an award-winning film finance company working in conjunction with UK film companies to raise equity for Independent film projects.  The company focuses mainly on projects that have a commercial appeal, an identifiable audience, moderately low and controllable costs and a sound financial structure. 

Gary Collins said “We are very excited to be working with Dean and Film Ahoy.  We share the same passion for independent films and this model not only serves the viewer but also generates revenue for the filmmakers whose options may be limited.”

Dean Fisher said “Red Rock has been responsible for many excellent British Independent films; working with them will help take Film Ahoy to the next level."

About Film Ahoy
The model for Film Ahoy is very simple. People have the option to watch any of the films for free, but they have commercial breaks every twenty minutes. If they do not want to watch the films with commercials then they will pay £1 to watch the film ad-free. 

This structure not only provides the audience with the most cost effective way to view their favourite films, but also means money goes back directly to the independent film industry so that filmmakers can continue making amazing cinema experiences long into the future, within a sustainable industry.  This modern mix of audience payments and ad revenue also allows us to take on the global issue of movie piracy which has been choking the industry for years. If films can be watched legally for free, or for as little as the price of a fizzy drink, not to mention without the horrendous image and sound quality so often present on illegal copies, it will give a clear and appealing alternative to film piracy.

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