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BRITS GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT: LED Hut Reveal 42% Of Brits Actually Sleep With A Light On + 23% Admitting To Still Being Scared Of The Dark

25 February 2019

42% of British adults sleep with their light on

1 in 4 confessed to being afraid of the dark

47% of those who sleep with a light on claim TV dramas and true crime documentaries contribute to this

A SURPRISING number of British adults admit they sleep with a light on and some of this is due to feeling spooked by TV crime dramas.

A survey of 1,000 UK adults carried out by lighting supplier LED Hut found that 42% of Brits sleep with a light on, with nearly 1 in 4 (23%) admitting to being scared of the dark.

For the most part, this is due to Brits feeling nervous of intruders in their home (65%). But a staggering 47% of British adults who sleep with a light on claim being spooked by TV dramas and true crime documentaries also contribute to this, such as Luther and The Ted Bundy Tapes.

Interestingly, 20% would check the entirety of their room for intruders before getting into bed while 18% of which even admitted to checking their wardrobes and cupboards before they felt settled for a night’s sleep.

Perhaps more unusually 8% would even check for monsters under the bed.

The corridor or hallway light was the most likely to be left on to comfort Brits settling in for the night, with 59% of those who slept with the light on leaving this on. While 28% admit they sleep with their bedside lamps on to feel safer, 11% would even leave the main light on when they went to sleep.

Leaving the blinds open (23%) and keeping the TV on (21%) also appeared in the list.



Paul Garner, marketing director at LED Hut commented “Whether it’s a fear of being alone, intruders or even darkness itself, it’s surprising to see how many British adults sleep with the light on and even claim to be scared of the dark.

Often these are slightly irrational fears stimulated by television dramas or being home alone, however this can also be caused by deep-rooted issues relating to anxiety and those who are seriously struggling should seek professional advice so they can tackle the issue head on.”

Interestingly, it was women aged between 25-34 who were most likely to sleep with the light on (35%).

LED Hut is one of the UK’s largest online lighting stores selling a range of outdoor lighting from solar and wall lights to LED decking and flood lights. 

Survey sample: 1,000 UK adults

LED Hut Ltd supplies LED products to customers throughout Europe. The LED Hut headquarters is located in Manchester, where we stock and distribute a wide range of products with next day delivery options.

LedHut started trading in March 2011 and was quick to establish itself as the UK’s leading provider of LED lighting. Offering competitively priced products, strong guarantees, the right certifications and a great delivery service, LedHut is the preferred supplier of LED products for many customers.

LedHut operates a dedicated call centre, with customer service representatives able to assist in LED queries and with dedicated Trade Account Managers providing business to business support for wholesale customers.

Over the past year, LedHut has replaced over 900,000 standard lights with Energy Saving LED Lights. This has resulted in total customer savings of over £3,500,000 - which has led to the reduction of over 3000 tonnes of Carbon Emissions. In 2016, the company was acquired by Clive Brown and Simon Boyle, bringing ownership back to the UK.

1 Comment

  1. Tony Parry
    26 February 2019 at 4:21 pm — Reply

    It’s hardly surprising that so many brits are anxious about the dark. Violent crime is now featured in Film and TV dramas routinely, even multiple murders per episode. We were only commenting two days ago how dangerous Oxford was in Morse’s day 😉
    Even during the daytime before the “watershed” when we have the news on we see and hear the most harrowing stories about crime and violence. What hope is there for us?
    Some Good News, the Bible promises a time when all evil and violence will be over. actually you have prayed for this in the Lord’s Prayer when you said “thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as in heaven” you have asked God to act on our behalf and sort out the mess that mankind has made of this earth and restore real peace.
    Even though LED Hut are a great company (I am a customer), their illuminations can’t compare to this one.
    (Matthew 4:16, 17) . . .The people sitting in darkness saw a great light, and as for those sitting in a region of deathly shadow, light rose on them.” 17 From that time on, Jesus began preaching and saying: “Repent, for the Kingdom of the heavens has drawn near.”
    There is coming a day very soon when no one will be afraid of the dark or anything at all!
    Have a wonderful day!
    With Christian Love
    PS Have a chat to Jehovah’s Witnesses next time we call, you may be pleasantly surprised!

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