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Brits Go Nuts Over Mutts, As Dogs Get The Life Of Brian to Celebrate Family Guy Season 11 on DVD

03 November 2011

Two thirds of dog owners admit they treat their dogs more like humans than animals

A quarter dress their dog up in human garments

53% admit they over-indulge their dog

Over a third let their dog sleep in their bed

Britons are increasingly humanising their dogs, despite accepting the potential negative effects; this is what a survey of 2,000 UK dog owners, conducted by Twentieth Century Fox to mark the DVD release of Family Guy Season 11, reveals.??62% of British dog owners admit they treat their dogs more like humans, with one in four taking it as far as dressing them in human clothes and a hair-raising 64% regularly feeding them human food and drink. 

Over a third let their dogs sleep in their bed, with many stating loneliness as a factor, while 13% let them sit at the dinner table to eat and one in six take them to the pub.??The results were brought to life on Tuesday in The Mucky Pup in Islington, in an evening dedicated to Family Guy’s fine-dining, jazz-loving pampered pooch Brian. 

The dog-friendly pub became London’s first fine-dining and cocktail bar for dogs, treating its four-legged patrons to fine cuisine and cocktails prepared by specialist chefs and mixologists, jazz and even a dog fashion show. ??One in four of those surveyed take the humanisation of their hounds as far as dressing them up in human clothes, perhaps inspired by celebrities such as Jonathan Ross. 

A quarter even cook specially prepared food for their dogs, with over 50% accepting that they over-indulge or pamper their four-legged friends. And despite the economic climate, 10% are spending over £250 a month to keep their dogs happy!

Dog Behaviourist expert Debbie Connolly says, “There are owners who devote their whole lives to their pets and exclude intimate human relationships, getting companionship and comfort from their animals that they are afraid to get from other humans. Some dress their pets up, claiming that they even have favourite outfits. This is impossible - the dog simply reacts to the excitement and attention the owner is giving them.

“The good side of dressing up is that dogs learn to be handled close up and have limbs lifted, just like being at the vet or being groomed.  The bad side is the owner projecting their need for children and affection onto an animal.   As dogs don’t talk like Brian from Family Guy and can't explain what they want, owners should get professional help and create the right sort of affectionate and stable relationship with their dog.”

Many surveyed accept the negative effects of humanising and over-indulging their pets, with over half admitting they run the risk of letting their dogs become spoilt and 52% fearing they could become overweight and lazy as a result.  One in five (21%) even revealed that their friends think they are crazy for treating their dogs in such a way!

Family Guy UK Facebook page

Family Guy Season 11 is out on DVD on 7 November from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

About this survey
This research was conducted among 2,000 UK adults who own a dog. It was conducted between 13-20 November 2011.  Results included:

• 62% believe they treat their pet dog more like a person than an animal

• 53% think they over-indulge or pamper their dog

• 21% feed their dog at the dinner table

• 13% allow their dog to sit at the table when they eat

• 38% let their dog sleep in their bed

• 25% cook specially prepared food or buy special non-tinned food for their dog

• 39% bath their dog in the bath tub

• 15% take their dog to the pub

• 52% hold conversations with their dog

• 64% feed their dog human food or drink

• 27% dress their dog up in a garment or accessory

• 14% treat their dog this way because of loneliness

• 19% see their own character/personality in their dog

• 21% say their friends or family think they are crazy because of the way they treat their dog

• 10% spend more than £250 a month on their pet

• In general, females are more likely to treat their dog like a human

• In the East Midlands, 83% treat their dogs like humans

• King Charles Spaniels are in general the most humanised dogs
About the Dog’s Dinner Event at the Mucky Pup
The Mucky Pup last night became London’s first fine dining and cocktail bar for dogs. All four-legged visitors were served sophisticated gourmet food and specially concocted dog-friendly cocktails whilst being waited on hand and paw by butlers and waitresses and enjoying jazz music and a dog fashion show.
The menu included ‘dogtails’ ‘Hair of the Dog’, ‘Dog Island Ice Tea’, ‘Mutt-ini’ and ‘Salty Dog’, while choice bites included ‘Bow Wow Wow Chicken Liver Parfait’, ‘Paw Licking Chicken’ and ‘Pawtisserie-Bonewhiches  ’??The evening was attended by all dogs great and small, including the World’s Ugliest Dog, Doug, as well as X-Factor finalist Katie Waissel with her own pampered pooch.

About Family Guy Season 11
Everyone’s favourite family is back with more hilarious adventures when Family Guy Season 11comes to DVD box set on 7 November 2011 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

A pop culture phenomenon, Family Guy Season 11 DVD box set features all 14 rude and outrageous episodes from the most controversial season yet, as well as a whole host of scenes that were too rude for TV. Catch all the ridiculous antics, such as Peter’s love of the sauce landing him a kidney transplant, Brian’s endless sexual exploits and Stewie and Brian’s diabolical mission to kill Santa in the North Pole.