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Broken Flames Productions Unveil The Teaser Trailer And Photos for Ella Greenwood’s Directorial Debut FAULTY ROOTS

28 February 2020

A film on Friendship, Dreams and Depression

The Fan Carpet are delighted to present the Debut Teaser Trailer for Ella Greenwood's Directorial Debut FAULTY ROOTS, courtesy of Broken Flames Productions!

Two teens with different genetic conditions are forced to form a friendship.

Lola, a young girl with depression, is told by her mother to do something productive during the long holidays. She suggests spending some time with Zack, a childhood friend who Lola hasn’t seen in ages and though reluctant to accept at first, Lola finally agrees to get her mother off her case. The two teens each have genetic conditions which affect their lives in different ways and as they spend more time together, they start to grow fonder of each other, though Lola hates to admit it to her mother.


Having joined youth theatres and productions from a young age, she trained in both stage and screen. She made her screen debut as lead character Lina in New York Director Adam Llamas' horror 'In Front of You' and her stage debut at local theatres as well as the West End. She trained with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. She's also a voice-over actor, having narrated books for Audible/Amazon and having voiced a key character in a new American series. She has recently been called a 'Rising Young Acting Talent' by David Duprey of That Moment In and 'one of those "up-and-comers" to watch circumspectly' by Entertainment Writer Ruth Hill.

Sarah has undertaken intensive acting training in the UK and has worked on over 40 projects, all predominately film & TV, including ITV, SKY & Amazon Prime productions. She starred in the award winning film ‘A Pinprick of Light’ that screened at Cannes Film Festival.

Ella first worked with Sarah on the film ‘In Front of You’ where she played her on-screen mum. They immediately connected and she was in awe of her talent as well as her complete passion and kindness.

Sani is a brilliant young actor who trained at The Young Creatives Portsmouth Acting School. He has experience on stage, acting at the New Theatre Royal and in the Brighton Fringe Festival. He also has screen experience, having acted in the short films Third Wheeling, Transteen and Listen.



I wanted to make a film on depression in teens and to raise awareness for mental health problems. This is because I’ve personally faced mental health problems and I think it’s rare that as teens we won’t have already faced them, be currently facing them or won’t do in the future. I decided to write the script, so that it would come from a teenager’s perspective and so that it would involve some of my own personal experiences.

Something that was important to me was that yes, the main character has depression, but that it’s not her defining feature, it’s simply a part of her. For this reason I wanted to portray the small things that affect your life in different ways when you have depression such as how it affects your relationships and the way you may view certain things, I didn’t want it to just be only about depression.

I have worked as an actor for many years and wanted to help portray the story which is why I have taken on the character of Lola.

Taking on the character of Zack is the brilliant young actor Sani Thabo. From his audition, I knew that he could bring the comedic talent and brightness needed for the role.

Zack and Lola’s friendship is an important feature in the film. It demonstrates the importance of sharing pain and hurt as well as joy and happiness.

I also wanted to demonstrate the affect that a mental illness can have on the relationship between a parent and their teen and so this is why the character of Susan, Lola’s mother, is so important to the story. Susan is played by the wonderful actress Sarah Eastwood.

I’m hoping that the film will help to represent what it is like to suffer from depression as a teen and that it will raise awareness of the issue.



Film The House- Best Script
Film The House is a competition run by MPs to find the filmmakers of the future.

The competition is sponsored by Lord Clement-Jones, Wes Streeting MP and Rt Hon John Whittingdale OBE MP.

All shortlisted entrants have been invited to the Film the House Winners’ Ceremony at the House of Commons on 3 March 2020 where Helen Lederer, writer, comedian and actor, will compère the ceremony.

The competition enjoys widespread support from industry and is sponsored by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), Directors UK, Lionsgate, The Motion Picture Association, Sky, ViacomCBS, the Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Inc.

Film the House is intended to invite and to showcase the ‘best’ film makers and script writers across the UK – with particular emphasis on young participants and people who have not, yet, been noticed and realised their potential.
Entries were initially shared with MPs and an expert industry panel of leading figures from across Britain’s creative landscape chose the shortlist and winners.



Lola Roberts- Ella Greenwood
Susan Roberts – Sarah Eastwood
Zack Hayes- Sani Thabo

Director, Writer & Producer- Ella Greenwood
Director of Photography- Ash Lang Wen Li
Sound Recordist- Martha Luigujoe
1st AD- Borbala Szilassi
Associate Director- Abigail Vaughan
Associate Director- Lorna Reid
Gaffer- Marina Lewin
Gaffer- Diogo Atadini
1st AC- Stephanie Zapolska
2nd AC- Joel Wisdom-Peters
Stills Photographer- Charley Willis
Runner- Nadezhda Drobinina
Editor & Colourist- Holly Potter
Composer- Gaby Ambler
Sound Editor- Aaron Dean James Mills
Associate Producer- Ruth DesRoches
Co-Producer- Brent N. Hunter
Consulting Producer- Owen Palmiotti

With Thanks to- Fiona Stickland, Lars Steenberg, Guillaume Delaunay, Lorraine Evanoff, Rollo Greenwood, Anne Greenwood, Pam Greenwood and Tegan Greenwood.

Ella Geenwood Frequently Asked Questions



Writer/Director/Producer: Ella Greenwood
First Film: YES
Majority Female Crew: YES
Young Filmmaker: YES (18)
Film Details: UK
Date of completion: 2020
Genre: Short Film, Drama
Length: 11 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screening Format: 4K DCP, .mov, mp4 (HD) Sound: 5.1 DCP, or Stereo
Original Score: YES
Technical: 25p, original format 4k Language: English
Subtitles: English



About Ella Greenwood
Ella Greenwood is a filmmaker born and raised in London, England. Faulty Roots is her first- time writing, directing and producing a film. She started working on the film after finishing her A-Levels in the summer of 2019, and the film was shot in December that year.

About The Crew
Ash Lang Wen Li – Director of Photography
Ash Lang Wen Li grew up in Hong Kong, before pursuing a Film and Politics double major at Wesleyan University (Connecticut, USA), where she received the Freeman Asian Scholarship, a merit-based scholarship that covered 4 years of undergraduate tuition. She has a strong narrative background, and has worked with cinematographers whose work has been recognized by the Oscars, the Emmys and the BAFTAs.

Holly Potter – Editor & Colourist
Holly works as an edit assistant at Pinewood Studios and has worked as an editor and colourist on the short films Before Nightfall, The Secrets we keep and Danny. She graduated from Portsmouth University with a BA Hons in Film and TV Production.

Gaby Ambler – Composer
Gaby is a classically trained pianist and clarinetist. She played in various orchestras throughout her school life and went on to study a degree in BA music at Falmouth University. Whilst there, her mainarea of study was in film composition.

Martha Luigujoe – Sound Recordist
Martha Luigujoe has experience as a sound recordist, sound editor and/or sound designer on various short student and professional films while and after completing the BA Film degree in 2017 with a first at Middlesex University. She was also nominated for her dissertation project Stevie at Underwire festival for best sound design.

Ruth DesRoches – Associate Producer
Ruth recently produced the Marc Zammit's Directorial Debut Homeless Ashes starring Lew Temple, Andrew Lee Potts, Jason Flemyng and more. The film has one many awards so far including best feature film at the Glendale International Film Awards. She is also a producer on the films 'It's Just a Boy' and 'One Thousand Flames'. She supports young filmmakers taking on social issues.

Brent N. Hunter – Co-Producer
Brent is an award-winning writer, producer, executive producer and executive consultant. Brent is the Chairman and CEO of Spirit Rising Productions, whose mission is to produce, support and distribute content that uplifts, inspires and entertains people worldwide through books, videos, films, and television shows. Brent helped to produce the recent short film 'Before Nightfall' which starred Ella Greenwood as the lead character Grace Grimston.

Owen Palmiotti – Consulting Producer
Owen is originally from Monroe, New York. After attending SUNY Maritime College, he sailed the globe as an officer in the Merchant Marine and Navy Reserve. Owen has self-published three novels in a Young Adult Fiction series entitled The Adventures of Benjamin Manry. Owen switched from novels to writing screenplays and producing. He is an Associate producer on the upcoming feature film Attack of the Unknown and working on Back on the Water.



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