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Cameron Crowe would make a Say Anything sequel

31 July 2011

Hollywood director Cameron Crowe, the man responsible for bringing the likes of Almost Famous and Elizabethtown has revealed that he would do a sequel for his 1989 coming-of-age romantic classic Say Anything.

During the elevision Critics Association press tour Crowe said "It’s the only thing that I’ve written that I would consider doing that with. I’ve thought about it from time to time and talked about it with John Cusack once and just said this is the only story that I kind of think there might be another chapter to that at some point."

Say Anything starred John Cusack, John Mahoney and Lili Taylor and as Crowe went on to explain he would bring back a less prominent character "We have to keep the guy, the drunk guy that Lloyd Dobler has to drive home from the prom party. He’s got to come back. I think about him, too. Mike Cameron, yeah."

While his latest documentary Pearl Jam Twenty airs on PBS on October 21 as part of American Masters 25th season, Crowe's next film to hit cinemas will be the Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Elle Fanning starring comedy drama We Bought a Zoo which arrives on UK shores on December 23.

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