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Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake had bad sex in Bad Teacher

17 June 2011

Cameron Diaz looked her usual carefree and naturally beautiful self as she posed for camera's at the Bad Teacher photocall in Berlin today.

The 38 year old actress told Daybreak this morning about how her and ex Justin Timberlake wanted to make their love scene together as terrible as possible, which shouldn't have been too hard considering how awkward that must have been!

She revealed; 'We were in partnership in trying to create the least sexiest love scene ever put on film - and I think that we succeeded.'

However she says she still really enjoyed working with the cheeky trousersnake, and gushed;

'Justin's an amazing comedian - he's a great actor but as a comedian he has such amazing timing,' she revealed. 'Working with him was great because obviously I know him well and we're good friends, we love each other, we want great things for each other and we love to laugh together.'

Meanwhile Cameron will soon be getting back to filming opposite Colin Firth and Alan Rickman in the Coen Brothers' new crime caper Gambit out sometime in 2012.

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