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Camilla Belle to join Paradise Lost

23 September 2011

It looks as though Camilla Belle is the director and studio’s new choice to play Eve in new film Paradise Lost.

The part would be a huge break for the actress, who has been acting since she was five years old, however she has failed to make it big on the Hollywood A-List. Her previous roles include The Lost World: Jurassic Park and The Patriot, which she starred in as a child actress. However her big screen roles as an adult such as, When a Stranger Calls and Push, have failed to help her gain huge mainstream success.

However this film may have that effect, if it all works out she will be starring alongside Bradley Cooper, Benjamin Walker and Casey Affleck.

The film which is based on the John Milton poem, which itself is based on the bible, will see Camilla play Eve who is tempted by Cooper’s Lucifer to eat the fruit form the tree of knowledge, therefore condemning all man kind to original sin. I think we all know the story from there don’t we?

The film has promised three epic fight sequences, in Heaven, Hell and Eden. Shooting is expected to start in January and the release is expected around early 2013.


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