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YOU CAN’T SAVE THE WORLD ALONE: Jonathan Hughes shares his Experience from The Exhibition of Justice

09 November 2017

I was fortunate to attend a press preview of The Justice League Exhibition in Holborn. I am very excited to see these incredible heroes come together on November 17th and this event was an AMAZING treat for Not only DC Comic fans but Super Hero movie fans in general.

As I entered the building, I was greeted by Warner Bros. staff who gave me a wristband and map of the exhibit. This exhibition has different rooms which represents each member of the Justice League ( Except Superman....who died in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice remember....So he's obviously not gonna be in this movie... right!!?) HOWEVER each room is meant to have a Superman Easter Egg so keep a look out for those.

The 1st room I entered was Cyborgs which was pretty much a Science lab which included loads of blueprints, chemistry sets, Daily Planet ID cards for some reason and a screen you can interact with without touching the screen.



Then There was the BATMAN room where there was the Batsuit that Ben Affleck wore in the film, a wall full of Batarang (That I was unable to steal) and a fun experience where you get a Batarang thrown at you which they send you as an email in slow motion.

The Wonder Woman Room has a lot of drawings/painting of creatures plus some files from a museum in Paris so for those who speak fluent French you will benefit massively from the intel in this room... Plus you get to have a video with yourself wearing Wonder Woman's Tiara and gauntlets... Very comfortable if you ask me.



Aquaman's room... SORRY My bad.... I meant Bar.... YES A BAR... Where you drink alcohol, Throw darts and take a peak at some or the props from Jason Mamoas character from the eagerly awaited film.

The Flash's room is in my opinion The BEST in The Exhibition. It's SO Big with so many fun items from a MASSIVE collection of books, monitors, old chairs, Pizza, Twinkies (YES there's a Twinkie for some reason) and a LOT of sketches and easter eggs so I HIGHLY recommend taking your time in that room.

By the way, all the rooms have the costumes that the actors wore in the movie.



There is also merchandise section where the items unfortunately aren't for sale which is a shame as there would've been a lot of money made over the next few days from the amazing toys and clothes on display.... I want The Batman Baseball Cap.

But it doesn't stop there with just the rooms.... it gets BETTER! at the end of the exhibit there is a VR room where you get to play as a member of The Justice League in FULL 360 VR. You can fight Parademons as Wonder Woman, Chase them down in the Batmobile as The Dark Knight himself or you can chase them in MID AIR IN FLIGHT AS SUPERMAN!!!!



Not for the faint hearted as The Superman VR Game is pretty damn scary but I gotta tell you I got one hell of an adrenaline rush flying as Superman. The VR Staff were awesome too as they were very helpful showing you how to work the VR Equipment.

Throughout the exhibition there is a gallery of posters and Stills from the movie which hits cinemas on November 17th but until then I HIGHLY Recommend you come down to Central London and be apart of this Amazing Experience where you get a behind the scenes glimpse of one of the most anticipated super hero movies of ALL TIME!

Tickets for The Justice League Exhibition are available at See It First. Check out our Facebook Page for more Photos.

Written by Jonathan Hughes




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