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Carey Mulligan and Micheal Fassbender didn’t make friends with eachother on Shame set

21 January 2012

With Shame currently in cinemas, Carey Mulligan who stars as extrovert Sissy Sullivan has revealed that she refused to strike up a friendship with her Shame co-star Michael Fassbender while shooting the drama.

The pair play feuding siblings in the Steve McQueen directed film and they made sure to keep their distance from one another until filming had wrapped in an effort to enhance their bitter portrayals onscreen, she tells the Press Association "Michael and I decided not to become friends because our characters are so vicious towards each other.

So we didn't actually spend any time together. We didn't socialise and when we were at work we were very serious."

Oscar nominated Mulligan has The Great Gatsby from filmmaker Baz Luhrmann in post production and she'll soon be gearing up to star alongside Justin Timberlake in the Coen's drama Inside Llewyn Davis.

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