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Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Alien with Top 5 Unusual Celebrations of Ridley Scott’s Iconic Classic

01 March 2019

Winner of the 1979 Academy Award® for Visual Effects (H.R. Giger, Carlo Rambaldi, Brian Johnson, Nick Allder, Denys Ayling), and the film which spawned a vast media franchise of films, novels, comic books, video games, and toys, Alien remains a visceral, captivating and poetic blend of sci-fi and horror – and what better way to mark its 40th anniversary than to experience it back on the big screen, where it truly belongs.

The 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott’s A L I E N is upon us! To celebrate this work of genius and in light of its 4K restoration and re-release today, we have put together a ‘Top 5 Unusual Ways To Celebrate Alien’ (we don’t recommend you scroll past number 4 if you’re feeling squeamish!).

Terrifying Tattoos

It’s long been enjoyed to get constant reminders of happiness and hope tattooed, however these people took that in a different direction. It can’t be denied that they are horrifyingly good portraits.



Dressing your baby in sci-fi classy couture

You’d have to have no emotions to not enjoy a good photo of a baby dressed up but we will completely understand if you’d never been tempted to add one of the top loved horrific moments of cinema onto your baby’s chest (we kind of love it though).



Marrying the Xenomorph of your dreams

On what is meant to be the greatest day of your life, how else would you want to celebrate than to remind people of a relentless monster that wants to destroy humanity…each to their own we guess but we approve of this one.



Re-imagining a horrifying film as a delightful rom-com

Admittedly, having seen the film and knowing the fate of the characters it’s hard to imagine much else than the carnage that ensues but it’s an interesting idea with a strange result.



Announcing the impending birth of your beloved creature

It has become a special event to publicly announce a pregnancy and people have come up with very inventive ways but did you ever think to use a Chestburster? Probably not but the results are amazing, although we’d hope raising this little one wasn’t as dangerous as the film!



BONUS: Sci-Fi recognises fellow passengers

It would be hard to miss the clear dedication of this poster to Alien’s simple and haunting design, with the most terrifying tagline known to cinema. Good sci-fi go hand in hand.



Alien Film Page


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