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Chicago Fire Season 1 Out Monday – Most Unusual Fire Service Call-Outs

10 October 2013

From the Emmy-award® winning producer, who brought you Law & Order, comes the explosive new drama, Chicago Fire. Follow the lives of Chicago’s finest fire and rescue team, as Season One bursts on to Blu-ray and DVD from 14 October 2013 from Universal Pictures (UK).

This hit US TV drama follows the uniformed heroes and medics of Firehouse 51 as they save lives on the streets of the Windy City. To celebrate this hotly anticipated release, we have compiled a list of the weirdest fire rescue call-outs on record...

Over the years, the nations finest have been called to countless emergency scenes, but not all involving a fire. Animal rescue calls are at an all time high, as these poorly pets have gotten themselves in some sticky situations:

A kitten with its head stuck in a bongo drum

A chimp wedged inside a chimney

An adult hamster trapped in a disabled lift

A kitten trapped in a reclining chair

So far this year fire-fighters in the UK’s capital have rescued 173 animals including:

A snake on the roof of a mosque in Camden

A hamster trapped in a hole in Islington

A pigeon trapped in a TV aerial in Richmond

A dehydrated cat in distress in Greenwich

A baby seagull stuck on scaffolding in Sutton

A bird stuck in a trampoline in Lambeth

An injured peacock on the roof of a house in Sutton

A puppy in a precarious position in Hackney

A dog trapped on a window ledge above a betting shop in Waltham Forest

A bird of prey trapped on a roof

But false fire alarms aren’t limited to animals in distress! Other bizarre emergency call-outs this year included:

A woman trapped in a pantry

A man trapped between a building and a wall

There were also a total of 53 instances in which residents needed to get a ring removed from their finger.

Let’s not forget 2013’s Fifty Shades of Grey effect. Kinky couples have been rescued by fire-fighters 79 times after sex games left them trapped in handcuffs in the UK. Additionally, there has been a reported rise in cases of men with their privates stuck in inanimate objects such as vacuum cleaners and toasters!

Let’s hope the Chicago Fire Department don’t get called out on any of these ‘special assignments’ as Chicago Fire Season One comes to Blu-ray and DVD on 14 October, from Universal Pictures (UK).