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Chile’s Audiovisual Industry Of Over 60 Companies Alongside ProChile Will Be Present At Key European Festivals And Markets

18 June 2020

The Chilean audiovisual industry's main sectors, including animation, fiction and documentaries, are taking part in key international film festivals and markets organised in France, Spain and the UK in June

A delegation of over 60 Chilean companies accompanied by ProChile and CinemaChile, ChileDoc and Chilean Animation, will present their productions at the special 100%-online editions of various European events: in France, the Annecy Festival and its International Animation Film Market (MIFA), Cannes Festival Marché du Film, and International Marketplace for Documentary & Narrative Experiences - Sunny Side of the Doc; Sheffield Doc/Fest: Sheffield International Documentary Festival in the UK, and Conecta Fiction Reboot in Spain.

This year, the organisers of these events have made unprecedented efforts to develop innovative platforms and virtually reproduce the traditional spaces where people can meet and network. "At ProChile, we decided to respond positively and to accompany our delegations in these spaces as a great way to continue boosting growth in the audiovisual industry," explains Ignacio Morandé, ProChile director in France. "The industry is fundamental to the economic and social growth of the country, which has been severely impacted by the paralysis caused by the pandemic. Returning to these spaces offers our producers an excellent opportunity to build alliances, look for funding and get their projects back up and running quickly."



Annecy Festival [France] ONLINE 15 to 30 June 2020
One film in the official selection and four productions being pitched

Nahuel y el libro mágico [Nahuel and the Magic Book] is a 95-minute 2D-animated feature film for children and families that will put Chile centre stage at one of the world's biggest animated film festivals. The film is a blend of adventure, fantasy and Chilean myths that recounts the story of a 12-year-old boy who has to rescue his father, captured by a wicked sorcerer, while also facing his deepest fears. A coproduction between Chile (Carburadores) and Brazil (Levante Films), it is also the first work by Chilean director Germán Acuña.

As well as seeing one of its films included in the official selection for the third consecutive year, Chile also has four productions taking part in the pitch sessions for developing coproduction and distribution agreements. A delegation consisting of 30 companies armed with a catalogue of 52 animated films in development, in production or ready for distribution is representing Chile at the festival.



Cannes Festival Marché du Film [France] ONLINE 22 to 26 June 2020
Launch of the Chilean international film catalogue

The new Chilean international film catalogue will be launched at the Marché du Film, as it is every year. The catalogue features Chile's main productions, with feature-length and short fiction films and documentaries alongside virtual reality projects. Despite this year's unusual online-only form, Chile has again decided to choose the event as the springboard for its productions, ensuring they feature at the various markets and festivals around the world.

The Chilean delegation at the Cannes Marché du Film will consist of 16 producers and a total of 28 projects in search of funding and coproduction, distribution and sales agreements.

Chile is also running a special programme on 22 June 2020 at the Producers Network, a special space organising meetings and unique events for experienced producers, with five representatives of Chilean cinema featured this year.

Throughout the event, Chilean productions will be shown in the virtual Cinema Chile, one of the festival's official screening rooms, where participants will be able to view a comprehensive and fascinating line-up.



Sheffield Doc/Fest [UK] ONLINE 10 June to 10 July 2020

Sunny Side of Doc [France] ONLINE 22 to 25 June 2020

Spotlight on Chilean documentaries
To ensure they can continue to showcase their productions around the world, the Chilean delegations have opted for 100%-virtual premieres in spaces like the International Marketplace for Documentary & Narrative Experiences - Sunny Side of the Doc, Sheffield Doc/Fest: Sheffield International Documentary Festival and Cannes Marché du Film.

The non-fiction genre has been seeing a major boom in Chile over the past few years, as illustrated by the significant rise in the number of projects, production companies and international launches.

"Our documentaries reflect our society, but also correspond to feelings, situations and moments in life that are universal," explains Ignacio Morandé. "Our directors are making daring choices with incisive themes, experimental narratives and formats. That means we have a catalogue of diverse and varied productions, which will be well received by the European public and distribution channels."

Conecta Fiction Reboot [Spain] ONLINE 15 to 19 June 2020
Six fiction series will also be featured at Conecta Fiction Reboot, a coproduction and networking event for television projects which brings together industry professionals from the Americas and Europe.

About ProChile
ProChile is the Export Promoting Agency of the Government of Chile, that has spent 45 years promoting Chilean goods and services around the world as well as helping to attract investments, boost tourism and enhance Chile's image internationally.

ProChile has a network of 56 offices worldwide and 16 in Chile, run by teams of experts working to strengthen the country's position on international markets. ProChile provides exporters with invaluable information and a range of tools to improve their foreign business operations and identifies new opportunities for importers.

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