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Chloë Grace Moretz set to take the lead in Charlize Theron Produced Brain on Fire

27 June 2015

Sought after acting talent Chloë Grace Moretz known for the Kick-Ass franchise, The Equalizer and If I Stay, has reportedly taken the lead role in Gerard Barrett adaptation of Brain on Fire.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Moretz replaces Dakota Fanning in the  adaption of Susannah Cahalan's memoir that follows attempts by doctors to diagnose what's wrong with Cahalan - eventually discovering she has a new and undiscovered autoimmune disease.

The synopsis from the book reads "One day, I woke up in a strange hospital room, strapped to my bed, under guard, and unable to move or speak. My medical records— from a month-long hospital stay of which I have no memory—, showed psychosis, violence, and dangerous instability. Yet, only weeks earlier I had been a healthy twenty-four year old, six months into my first serious relationship and beginning a career as a cub reporter at the New York Post."

Brain on Fire will also star Will Poulter and Thomas Mann and be Produced by Charlize Theron who Moretz is co-starring with in the forthcoming adaptaptation of Gillian Flynn's second novel, Dark Places and has November Criminals with Ansel Elgort and The 5th Wave with Maika Monroe.

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