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Chloe Moretz felt the cold at London’s Let Me In premiere

15 October 2010

Despite what we assume must have been freezing conditions for Chloe on set filming Let Me In, in what appeared to be a none stop blizzard throughout every scene, a chilly London night proved too much for the young star.

The fan carpet was in Leicester Square last night, bundled up against the cold along with fans, all desperate to catch a glimpse of Chloe, Kodi Smit-McPhee, director Matt Reeves and producer Simon Oakes.

Luckily we managed to have a lovely chat with the bright young Kodi who plays Owen, we spotted him a mile off in his fluorescent green suit and pink shirt!

Chloe looked all grown up in a gorgeous black lace dress with matching patent heels and a cute wavy bob. However with not a coat or scarf in sight, poor Chloe was not so protected against the cold, and after speaking to a few journalists and signing a few autographs, Chloe was whisked inside by the hand of her big brother.

So unfortunately we didn't get to chat to Chloe, but this amazing film definitely made up for our disappointment. Our coverage from last night will be live on the site later today.

Let me in stars Chloe as Abby, a 200 year old vampire trapped in a 12-year-old body, who befriends a young boy, played by Kodi. It's a dark twist on the popular vampire theme at the moment and an American remake of the Swedish version that was released last year. It will be released on the 5th of November this year.

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