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Chris O’Donnell snowboarding with family in Aspen

29 December 2010

Chris O'Donnellhmmmm, you might be forgiven for wondering what has become of the gorgeous side kick of Batman. The 40 year old's career seems to have stalled somewhere in the 90's and never quite got back on track. However a recent sighting of the still hunky actor has revealed why the star might not have had so much time for the movie business. It's turns out O'Donnell is a happy husband and proud Dad of not one but FIVE children! Chris and wife Caroline Fentress and the kids were spotted having a blast yesterday snowboarding on a winter break in Aspen Colorado, looking quite the perfect family.

However O'Donnell still reports in for work as one of the stars in hit TV show NCIS: Los Angeles as Special Agent G. Callen and recently appeared in the sequel to kids film Cats and Dogs, The Revenge of Kitty Galore.

As more and more celebrity splits appear to be announced every day, it's refreshing to see one of Hollywood's hottest hunks taking the deliberate decision to put his career on hold to spend more quality time with his family. Now where can I get me one of those?

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