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Chris Rock jealous of Ricky Gervais

30 May 2010

Comedy genius Chris Rock, who will next be seen in 'Death At A Funeral' and 'Good Hair' has revealed that despite being confident in his stand-up while performing, he sometimes gets envious of British comic Ricky Gervais.

He said recently "Ricky Gervais is the funniest. I get stand-up envy for Ricky and I don't get that often."

As for being a fan of soccer star David Beckham, he added: "Is David Beckham any good? Like sometimes rappers come to the UK that suck in America and you guys think they're great. You're like, 'Coolio is a genius! Sisqo is the new Marvin Gaye!' I always wonder that of David Beckham."

The comic recently said he is such a big fan of rapper Jay-Z, he would like him to deliver a tribute to him at his funeral.

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