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Christina Ricci reveals Pan Am troubles

23 September 2011

Former child actress and Hollywood starlet Christina Ricci had to have her bilingual Pan Am character reworked by TV bosses because the gorgeous Sleepy Hollow star froze up every time she tried to film her lines in Spanish.

The Addams Family star explains "I was supposed to speak Spanish in the pilot episode and when it came to shooting my Spanish part, I spoke French for so long my whole life, I couldn't do it.

So they recorded someone speaking the Spanish part. They had somebody do it so that I could hear it and imitate it, and memorise it that way. But they did it with somebody with a true, from Madrid, Spanish accent...

So the gist of it is, I got so confused and so scared, and it was the first time in my entire life in my acting career, that I completely froze - could not get through a single line of my dialogue.
I was such a flop, that they cut out my scene. And they rewrote my character, so that I don't speak any languages."

Pan Am is Ricci's much-anticipated new U.S. period piece about the iconic Pan American World Airways stewardesses and premieres in the States on Sunday.

Ricci can currently be seen in comedy Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star is currently in American cinemas as well as Bel Ami and War Flowers that are in various sates of development.

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