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Clooney’s dentist trip to fix broken hand

25 September 2009

George Clooney's driver was left red-faced when he him to the dentist after he broke his hand.

The actor was in Italy when he accidentally slammed his hand in a car door. His driver rushed him to the hospital, but in fact drove him to the nearest dentist instead.

Clooney recalled, "He drives me into town, and he takes me to a dentist. Dentist's chair, dentist's lamp, everything. The guy comes in, pull the dentist's lamp down onto my hand. He starts pulling on my fingers, which really hurts.

"At last he says, 'Hmm, I think it's broken...' I'm saying, 'Is there a real doctor anywhere in here?"

Clooney was taken across the border to Switzerland for treatment.

Source: Yahoo! Movies