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Comics legend Frank Miller reveals he likes Superman more than Batman

20 August 2014

Comics legend Frank Miller has set the record straight about his apparent distain for DC Comics icon Superman, revealing that he love the character but isn't so fond of Batman.

In an interview with Playboy, promoting his new film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Dark Knight Returns author said "The Dark Knight [comic book] series is all from Batman's point of view, but if you look at Dark Knight 2, you'll see a Superman who's much calmer than the one in the first Dark Knight.

Batman and Superman are dead opposites. I love Superman. Do I love Batman more? They're not people. They're only lines on paper."

Batman and Superman will unite on the big screen for the first time in the eagerly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which stars Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck as the DC Comics heroes and hits cinemas on April 29 2016.

Asked about the poor reception of 2003's Daredevil and its 2005 spinoff Elektra, Miller added "When people come out with movies about characters I've worked on, I always hate them.

I have my own ideas about what the characters are like. I mean, I can't watch a Batman movie. I've seen pieces of them, but I generally think, 'No, that's not him'. And I walk out of the theatre before it's over.

It includes all of them, I'm not condemning what he does. I don't even understand it, except that he seems to think he owns the title Dark Knight. He's about 20 years too late for that. It's been used."

Miller is credited as co director alongside Robert Rodriguez on the long awaited sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which premieres at Film 4's FrightFest on August 25 and features Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke, Michael Madsen, Dennis Haysbert, Jamie Chung, Alexa Vega, Christopher Meloni, Josh Brolin, Jeremy Piven, Juno Temple, Ray Liotta, Eva Green, Stacy Keach, Marton Csokas and Powers Boothe.

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