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Comment: The Force Awakens – “more of what we loved about the original trilogy than what we loathed in the prequels”

19 December 2015

The likelihood is a) you will not care what anyone says about Star Wars: The Force Awakens as you’ll see it regardless or b) if you were interested, would’ve read a dozen or so other reviews that basically regurgitate the same areas and offer spoiler-free content.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet and obviously spoiler-free myself. And it has to be, because it really is the type of film that deserves to be seen without any knowledge of who does what, with only a familiarity of the franchise as a necessity to enjoy the heck out of this.

And the truth is that while you may have theories or ideas about what happens as the epic narrative unwinds, seeing it occur for the first time is quite simply a unique and everlasting experience you’ll want to cherish.

As a fan I can say that I loved The Force Awakens. Respectful, witty nods to the legendary franchise mixed with some more obscure references and even the odd line – I’m sure you can figure out which – puts everything Terminator: Genisys did so woefully to shame.




While there’s room to say it’s a loose retracing of A New Hope, it’s not so much a paint-by-numbers retelling. Instead, JJ Abrams merely uses the success and solidity of the original film’s template as a basis. We get far more of what we loved about the original trilogy than what we loathed in the prequels, that’s for sure.

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have become overnight global stars since signing up to the project, and their efforts both in terms of how they play their respective roles of Rey and Finn and how their characters are written, make them memorable, charming and utterly engaging.

The two hour 15 duration will fly by as you are gifted everything that was lacking in episodes I-III and then some. Gorgeous-looking, beautifully told, and stunning to behold, it’s the Star Wars film anyone under 30 has been waiting to see firsthand in their lifetime. And for anyone who’s seen the originals when they were released, this should offer at least some form of thrilling memories you’ll also hold dear for years to come. It’s also probably the truest, purest Star Wars film since the credits to Return of the Jedi rolled in 1983.

Written by Mike P. Williams



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