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Contagion tops box office

12 September 2011

After spending just over three weeks at the top of the box office The Help has been knocked off its poll position by new film Contagion.

The film, staring Gwyneth Paltrow, took $23 million at the box office, and is also the first film to break the $20 million threshold since The Help opened up a month ago.

However although it has debuted at number one, the film’s producers may have been hoping for a little bit of a better opening to re-coup even more of the movies $60 million budget, although considering it was the 10th anniversary on 9/11, it may have had a little bit of an impact of people visiting their local cinemas.

Coming in third this week was Warrior, but despite the buzz and hype surrounding the new feature it only managed to take $5, despite estimates being closer to $10 million. Ouch.

It looks as though the box office took a big hit in terms of taking this week, considering movies from the likes of Adam Sandler only came in at number 15, but maybe that’s because he didn’t star in it.

Maybe next week may see a surge in cinema going after this weekends mourning for 9/11.  


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