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Corinna Jane’s New Song GIVE ME A SIGN From Her Forthcoming EP QUEEN OF WANDS Is STREAMING NOW on ALL Major Platforms

30 October 2020

Corinna Jane returns with her new track 'Give Me A Sign' which is OUT NOW on ALL major Streaming Platforms!

'Give Me A Sign' is AVAILABLE NOW on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud

The Fan Carpet are proud to present the latest song 'Give Me A Sign' from our very own, multi-talented Corinna Jane!

Give Me A Sign’ isn’t your typical grief track; ultimately, it focuses on finding hope even in the darkest of times. Corinna narrates the stage of numbness and shock - when she lost her mother, she felt she wasn’t experiencing grief properly.

Bereft of pain and tears and instead experiencing feelings of disconnection, Corinna was willing herself to feel something, whether it be a spiritual confirmation of life after death or the pain of loss. She cathartically wrote ‘Give Me A Sign’ as a continuous stream of thoughts rather than a poetically crafted narrative.

Corinna Jane worked with producer Francesco Arpino in Rome to create the track. They wrote it together on piano and guitar and began layering it on the studio, using both digital and analogue elements to fuse retro and modern production techniques.

‘Recording the track was like letting two kids run through a sweet shop,’ says Corinna. ‘We were picking and choosing whatever came to our minds and the track grew in a way that neither of us had conceived before writing together.’

Corinna hopes the track can be a relief for those dealing with complex emotions that they cannot grasp, so they know that numbness and confusion are a normal part of the process. She hopes the track channels the female- fronted empowered rock sounds of the 90s such as The Cardigans, Alanis Morrissette & Garbage. 'Give Me A Sign' is an introspective pop-rock anthem with both live & electronic elements. Corinna’s versatile vocal is capable of both light, airy flutters for the verse, reminiscent of Kate Bush, and pure rock belting for a dynamic and commanding chorus. “Give Me A Sign’ is out now.

Corinna Jane is Franco-English, but was born in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, and grew up in Northhamptonshire, England. Growing up trilingual was a huge advantage, but a steady diet of MTV meant her primary passion was always music. She began composing as early as six years old and in her teens began forming her own unique brand of quirky alternative singer-songwriter pop.

She has received airplay on BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio alongside prime-time coverage on London Live TV, and has toured with her band around the Midlands, London and the North. Over lockdown, Corinna has seen success with her acoustic piano and vocal covers of both R.E.M and Dua Lipa tracks, and released a special EP called ‘Songs For My Mother’, dedicated to her mother who passed away earlier this year, with more of an introspective folk feel. Her newest EP ‘Queen of Wands’ features ‘Give Me A Sign’ as the first single.

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