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Coriolanus beauty Jessica Chastain isn’t afraid of failure

19 December 2011

Sought after actress Jessica Chastain who has appeared in seven films this year has revealed that she isn't afraid of experiencing failure in her career.

Chastain was featured in Tree of Life, The Debt, Texas Killing Fields, The Help, Take Shelter and BFI favourite Coriolanus which was Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut and receives its general release on January 20.

She tells the LA Times "Right after Tree of Life came out, I started hearing about strategies for my career, and I made a decision that I wasn't going to do anything based on a strategy.

If I don't continue to challenge myself and risk failure, I have no business being an actor. I'm not an actor to be a personality. I want to see every part I take like a master class. And you know what? I'm going to fail sometimes. And that's okay. Because when you fail, you learn more."

Chastain also revealed that she considered herself "unlucky" after companies working on her films kept "getting sold" but revelled in the positive delays adding "I took advantage of the delays and kept working. The great thing is it created a blank slate. A director could see me without having knowledge of a performance that might have typecast me, so I took advantage of that a lot. This year... is the flip side of that."

The gorgeous Chastain has two films out in the first half of next year, first up is the aforementioned Coriolanus with Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler in January followed by John Hillcoat's Westtest Country on May 4 alongside Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf.

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