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Cult Comic to hit big screen

28 September 2011

With the comic book film market growing and growing it looks as though cult comic Area 52 has been picked up to get the big screen treatment.

Summit entertainment recently picked up the rights to turn Area 52, which were originally published by image, into a movie.

Brian Haberlin wrote the 2001 comic book mini series and the art was done by Clayton Henry and revolved around Corporal Monica Lane as she was dispatched to an outpost in the Arctic. The remote area where she has been dispatched also turns out to be the place where the US military dispose of things they don’t understand. After the gets off to a boring start thing soon change after an alien killing machine is hatched.

Sounds pretty good to me and it will be nice to see a relatively unknown comic book get the big screen treatment instead of rehashes and reboots of the same ones over and over … Superman, Spider Man and X-Men anyone?

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian will be producing the film and will be going out to writers for the story soon.