Dame Judi Dench and Nicole Kidman grace Nine Premiere | The Fan Carpet

Dame Judi Dench and Nicole Kidman grace Nine Premiere

07 December 2009

Oscar winning stars Dame Judi Dench and Nicole Kidman appeared on the red carpet for the London premiere of new musical movie Nine.

Academy Award winners Daniel Day-Lewis and Penelope Cruz were also at the Leicester Square gala of the film, made by Chicago director Rob Marshall.

Dame Judi said his reputation attracted her to take part, adding he has "caught a tremendous atmosphere" in the film.

Actress Kate Hudson said making the film was an "amazing experience".

Another Oscar-winning actress who stars in the film but did not attend the premiere was Italian legend Sophia Loren.


Stars of Nine speak at London gala

Day-Lewis, who sang and danced for his role along with the other cast members, said: "We started in the same place, one of abject humility and dread."

"Rob Marshall manages to create an atmosphere that is so joyful and vibrant and at least kids you into believing that you have it in you to do it," he added of the director.

The film-maker said: "I didn't know half of these people had these talents until they came and auditioned which was great.

"I didn't know if Daniel could get to where he got with his singing," Marshall added, saying his vocal prowess was "extraordinary".

Nine was inspired by Italian director Federico Fellini's film 8 1/2.

The screenplay was written by film-maker Anthony Minghella, who died last year at the age of 54.

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