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Damon piled on the pounds for new movie

08 September 2009

Matt Damon ate 'everything I could see' in a bid to gain weight for his new movie The Informant.

The actor put on nearly three stone for his role as a whistle blower in Steven Soderbergh's dark comedy.

"I definitely got doughy. I started eating like crazy and drinking dark beer. Between meals on set, I'd eat a No 1 Value meal at McDonalds and then Doritos on top of it. It was absolute heaven.

"It was very, very easy to gain the weight. It was very, very fun, probably the funnest time I had working, because I didn't have time to go to the gym after work and I just ate everything I could see."

But Damon admitted it was a struggle getting the weight back off.

He added, "I'm just boxing. I figure if you get hit enough times, it will fall off! Now I'm the Sexiest Man Alive's chunky cousin.

Source: Yahoo! Movies