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Damon talks Bourne pressures

13 September 2009

Matt Damon admits film bosses are struggling to come up with a plot for the fourth Jason Bourne movie.

Director Paul Greengrass and Damon are keen to make another Bourne movie, but the actor insists that they will only do another one if the story is right.

He told Empire, "Even if we made a horrible movie, it would make money, and they (Universal) know that. There's a huge amount of pressure. It's just that they would love to make another Bourne move, and I understand why. It's so hard to have a sure thing in Hollywood, and this is as close as you get. So, from an executive's standpoint, I get it.

"It's just that our job, on the creative side, is to make sure that we create something that's of a standard. And this one's really tricky; you can't see the guy saying 'I don't remember anymore', because he's lost and regained his memory three times already! And he's not like (James) Bond, who goes on individual missions.

"So it's a tricky one, trying to figure out a way, organically, to have a fourth story. But we want to do it," he added.