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Dan Aykroyd talks new blood in Ghostbusters 3

26 August 2011

The long awaited third instalment in the Ghostbusters franchise that has been stuck in development hell could be be on the move, at least according to Dan Aykroyd.

In a recent radio interview that ComingSoon picked up, the Hollywood icon said “We have an excellent script. What we have to remember is that Ghostbusters is bigger than any one component, although Billy was absolutely the lead and contributed to it in a massive way, as did the director and Harold, myself and Sigourney.

The concept is much larger than any individual role, the promise of Ghostbusters 3 is that we get to hand the equipment and the franchise down to new blood.”

While it is not yet known who the new blood will be, the likes of Anna Faris, Eliza Dushku and Seth Rogen all rumoured to be in the running and early reports had confirmed that Dana Barrett’s son will feature as one of the new Ghostbusters.

Speaking of his character of Ray, Akyroyd said “My character, Ray, is now blind in one eye and can’t drive the Cadillac. He’s got a bad knee and can’t carry the packs. Egon is too large to get into the harness. We need young blood and that’s the promise. We’re gonna hand it to a new generation.”

Whilst it is not yet known if Bill Murray will reprise his role, Aykroyd is optimistic adding "Yes, we will be doing the movie and hopefully with Mr. Murray." and with everything in place the new instalment is set to begin shooting in Spring 2012.

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