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Darkhorse Film Studios Make History With Debut Film TALES FROM THE TRAP The First-Ever Film To Be Fully Funded By Cryptocurrency

25 April 2022

Advocates, Investors and Film Fans are celebrating the announcement of the first film ever to be fully funded by a pioneering new Film & Television Digital Currency, FilmCoin.

Today, FilmCoin drops the teaser trailer for their highly anticipated inaugural motion picture, Tales From The Trap; a gritty no holds barred true story set within the UK Rap Scene and telling the story of County Lines Drug Dealing Gangs.

Just six months after its inception, in the wake of both the Pandemic & the UK government's recent changes on film investment tax breaks, FilmCoin is already delivering on its promise to empower Filmmakers and Fans worldwide and challenge the existing status quo of the Film industry. FilmCoin, the world's first of its kind blockchain-powered Film creation and Television production cryptocurrency, has created a fresh and engaging way to finance movies; designed for fair and accurate financing throughout the film and television production cycles. FilmCoin streamlines the process, 'trimming the fat' to maximise profit potential with instantaneous revenue collection and dissemination, benefitting both industry professionals and token holders with blockchain security and total financial and commercial transparency.

FilmCoin is backed by Advocates, and Senior Executives, including the highly acclaimed Actor and Producer Terry Stone.



Terry Stone said, "FilmCoin is undoubtedly the most exciting project I've been involved with; I'm the First Film Producer in History to be making a slate of films entirely funded via CryptoCurrency and NFT's.

The FilmCoin Team are really excited about Tales From The Trap, and it proves you don't need to spend millions to make a really great film!"

FilmCoin's exciting 2022/23 Production Slate also includes:

Requiem For A King: The Rise and Fall of The Shah of Iran, Written & Directed by the Oscar Winning Guy Nativ.

King of Crime: The story of one of the world's greatest criminals of all time, John Palmer.



About FilmCoin
token holders have the option to effortlessly buy, sell, swap and trade FilmCoin utility tokens and enjoy FilmCoin's e-commerce platform, digital marketplace and a proprietary NFT platform. Additional benefits include exclusive VIP competitions and airdrops to token holders' Digital Wallets, including exciting opportunities to secure
memorabilia, meet film stars or even appear in a film production.

Purchase FilmCoin Tokens here.

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