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Darren King’s YELLOW Starring Ayvianna Snow Will Compete In GSFF’s Golden Thriller and Golden Actor Categories!

20 April 2023


The Fan Carpet are delighted to share the good news that Darren James King's YELLOW starring Cameron Bell and our friend and talented Actress Ayvianna Snow has been shortlisted and accepted by Golden Short Film Festival and will compete in the Golden Thriller and Golden Actor categories!

In YELLOW, a troubled man, whose existence has led him to form an unorthodox friendship, fulfils his nightly needs.

In a statement, Writer and Director Darren James King said "Working with Cameron and Ayvianna was a treat, two such professionals and a joy to be around. The film poses a dark but truthful take on what some people’s lives entail, and they both went to deep waters to deliver that.

Watching a script come alive is an amazing feeling - so thanks to them both and the entire team to create that. I don’t make film to appease, I do it to ultimately entertain - and if I can funnel in some sort of educational value then even better, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s about taking a smidgen, a part, a something of a bigger piece and have fun with it. That’s what shorts are to me."



Talking about their acceptance into the Golden Short Film Festival, Cameron said "I’m absolutely thrilled for the team that the film got accepted!! Everybody worked so hard, both on the day AND in post production to make this film what it is and it’s great to see all our hard work paying off!"



Discussing her character and why she chose to be a part of this film, Ayvianna who can currently be seen in LOLA and RIPPER'S REVENGE said "I loved working on Yellow. The part was challenging and I am proud that the film is unflinching in addressing serious issues around misogyny in our society. Darren and Cameron were a joy to work with."



The Golden Short Film Festival runs this August!

Find YELLOW on IMDb and you can find Cameron Bell on Instagram and IMDb, Darren James King on Instagram and IMDb. Follow Ayvianna Snow on Instagram, Spotlight and IMDb to keep up with everything she's doing!

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About the Golden Short Film Festival
The Golden Short Film Festival rewards the best and most outstanding short films from around the globe. We consider the art of filming an essential component of our lives and encourage works that use powerful narration in order to create a unique vision. The cinema as a tool of fiction relies on an easy, central assertion: to tell is to feel empathic. There is no story to tell without the "Other". Because the audience empathizes with the characters, within the vast universe of all the stories that can be invented, he/she can experience the patterns of emotions that otherwise would be lost.

The Golden Short Film Festival is a three-month contest repeated four times for one year, dedicated to finding those remarkable works that may otherwise be overlooked or snubbed. We accept short films of all genres. Our mission is to encourage and support filmmakers throughout the world in order to provide the recognition they deserve. We offer a free scorecard to all entries and notification in 48 hours.

All the quarter winners are nominated, awarded and honored on our website and will receive certificates along with exclusive laurel and dedicated promotion. Every submission can also add additional categories increasing the chances to become multi-award-winning. The overall winner will be awarded live during the ceremony at the stunning city of Avezzano (Abruzzo) in August.

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