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DC’s SHAZAM! set to Topple Dumbo this weekend at Box Office & Avengers: Endgame crashes Cinema Sites with 488,000 Pre-Sales

04 April 2019

DC's efforts to move away from the gritty Snyder/Nolan style of cinema and into more family friendly waters seem to have paid off. According to Applaudience, the cinema data experts, the superhero franchise's newest venture, Shazam!, is going to top this weekend's Box Office, with a predicted gross of £3.4m.

Shazam! has managed to pre-sell 53,000 tickets, (average ticket price of £10.82), totalling £580K in pre-sales, giving a forecast of £3.4m this weekend. This will just nudge Dumbo off the top spot, and will put them ahead of other new releases, Paramount's Pet Sematary and Entertainment One's Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun, as well as Marvel's latest superhero blockbuster, Captain Marvel.

In addition to this, based on five different models Applaudience have used, which factors in variables such as holidays, and the weather, they forecast that the Top 10 Box Office Movies this weekend are:

1 - Shazam! - £3,400,000
2 - Dumbo - £3,200,000
3 - Pet Sematary - £1,400,000
4 - Captain Marvel - £935,000
5 - Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun - £885,000
6 - Missing Link - £840,000
7 - Us - £830,000
8 - Fisherman's Friends - £370,000
9 - What Men Want - £185,000
10 - The Sister Brothers - £145,000



Avengers: Endgame
We couldn't go through this week's update without mentioning Avengers: Endgame. This week, we saw the final trailer of Avengers: Endgame and the release of tickets in UK cinemas. The phenomenal demand for the Marvel epic saw a large number of cinema websites crash due to the heavy traffic. As of 1.30pm today, Avengers have already pre-sold 488,000 tickets, including 295,000 on Tuesday, giving a pre-sale total of £6m (which actually would make it this week's No.1!).

With some cinema screenings already sold out and a number on the verge, still with three weeks until the release date, you better move fast to get your tickets if you want to see it before the summer!



Last Applaudience Forecast: Analysis
The maiden forecast of Applaudience has been met positively and upon analysis, was very successful.

The top 5 films at the Box Office were forecast in the correct order; Dumbo, Captain Marvel, Us, Fisherman's Friends & What Men Want.

Captain Marvel's Box Office was accurate to within a thousand pounds (£1,770,433) and What Men Want was only off by £10,000 (£300,641).

The warm weather was certain to have impacted ticket sales last week, especially for the family friendly Dumbo and this is something that Applaudience will be looking to factor more into their forecast moving forward, for increased accuracy.



How Applaudience work their magic
Using data mining software and sales analysis from the top 10 cinemas chains, Applaudience calculates the remaining seats available per screening, thus providing a reliable forecast of the numbers of tickets sold. Once the pre-sales are calculated, Applaudience can accurately forecast weekend box office revenues.

About Applaudience
Applaudience combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication during the theatrical movie release processes. They own real-time showtime, occupancy, ticket price and film marketing performance data for all major exhibitors in Europe and North America. The supply revenue-driving insights about the industry’s performance and identify marketing opportunities with the highest ROI. Their goal is to increase attendance of the existing audiences by enabling data-rich collaboration between exhibitors and distributors.

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