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Deadlocked Escape Rooms Introduce Escape At Home Experiences – THE INSIDERS A New Type Of Escape Room Adventure

06 April 2020

"Insiders is a high quality, impressive instance of this new type of game" - Toby, Escape The Review

Our friends at Deadlocked Escape Rooms who unfortunately had to close their doors in response to the global pandemic have created escape at home experiences, THE INSIDERS a new type of Escape Room adventure!

How the Escape At Home Experiences work

Unlock files and documents
Print them in the comfort of your own home – some of which you’ll need to manipulate and experiment with. <N.B. printing not necessary if you have good spatial awareness, but you will definitely get more out of the experience if it is printed.



Scour the internet for clues
Interact with characters, hunt through social media and custom websites in order to break the codes and achieve your objectives.



Interact with custom interfaces
Custom built interactive interfaces and puzzles that can only be defeated with all other aspects of the game.



Deadlocked Escape Rooms owners Charlie Bond and James Hamer-Morton said “We know that not all escape room owners have the resources to create a kit like The Insiders right now which is why we are offering it FOR FREE right now to any owners to offer alongside your gift vouchers bought during this outbreak of COVID-19, to help sell them and keep money coming into your business at this difficult time. We at Deadlocked (James and Charlie) will happily run it for you, GM-ing it each day, until you reopen your doors and start doing what we all love doing best – running live escape rooms. Get in touch with us to find out more.”

More games coming soon

Keep up-to-date with Deadlocked Escape Rooms on the website, Facebook and Twitter.

About Deadlocked Escape Rooms Games - THE INSIDERS
The Wexell Corporation has a problem right now. There’s a mole in the company, working against us with some very sensitive information and we need YOU to find out who’s been sneaking around where they shouldn’t.
Go solo or gather your closest confidants to take down THE INSIDERS before they go world-wide.

The Insiders is a unique, play-at-home escape room spanning across multiple days, and 3 ‘episodes’ of approximately 90 minutes each. Story-heavy, immersive, with oodles of challenging content, designed by us to keep you playing for hours at a time!

Whilst the physical escape rooms are closed at the moment, you can virtually escape the lockdown by buying it from the gift voucher section of our bookings page. Your adventure begins with a cryptic message within your confirmation email, as soon as you purchase, and whilst we do usually allow 3 days in between each episode to allow for a break, if you want to ‘binge’ it just like your favourite show, we’re not gonna judge you. Just let us know when you start your adventure that you’d like to play all episodes straight through!

The £9.99 cost of The Insiders can also be redeemed against the cost of a live escape room once we reopen after the government enforced UK lockdown period. However, if you buy any other value of gift voucher, you will currently also get The Insiders for free, to say thank you for supporting the escape room industry at this time. The arts and entertainment industry is suffering terribly right now, and we’re all struggling to stay afloat, so if you can afford to buy a larger gift voucher for a future game during this time, it means the world to us. Once our doors reopen, we won’t be selling The Insiders at this price any more, it’s set at this current low price to help combat the frustration of not being able to visit escape rooms during the lockdown, and to do our bit to aid the escape room community.

Until that glorious day comes, it is now your chance -nay your duty – to uncover The Insiders.

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