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DEATH KNOWS NO BORDERS: Test Your Knowledge of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD to Celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray Release

29 November 2016

To celebrate the release we have a new feature quiz that tests fans knowledge of the Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead universe...

“Hard-hitting right to the very end” - HeyUGuys

“Fresh, exciting and suspenseful” - Vanity Fair

From AMC Studios FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is the suspenseful and thrilling second season to one of the most highly anticipated and acclaimed TV series of recent years. Discover how the world fell apart in the companion series to the global phenomenon The Walking Dead. Don’t miss the next chapter of the deadly series as FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is available to pre-order now from Amazon and comes to Blu-ray and DVD on 5th December 2016, courtesy of Entertainment One.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON features an incredible returning cast including; Kim Dickens (Gone Girl, The Blind Side) as high school guidance counsellor, Madison Clark; Cliff Curtis (Live Free or Die Hard, Last Knights) as English teacher and Madison’s boyfriend, Travis Manawa; Frank Dillane (In The Heart Of The Sea, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) as 19-year-old drug addict and son of Madison, Nick Clark; Alycia Debnam-Carey (Into The Storm, The Devil’s Hand) as top student and daughter of Madison, Alicia Clark; Lorenzo James Henrie (Star Trek, Warrior Road) as rebellious teenager and son of Travis, Christopher Manawa; Ruben Blades (The Counselor, Safe House) as El Salvador refugee and barber shop owner, Daniel Salazar; Mercedes Mason (NCIS: Los Angeles, The Finder) as their daughter Ofelia Salazar; Colman Domingo (Selma, Lincoln) as hot shot estate agent and boat owner, Victor Strand; and Michelle Ang (Triple 9, Fallen Stars) as one of the survivors from Season 1, Alex. Season 2 also sees a stellar guest appearance from Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II, Taken 3) as Thomas Abigail, a friend of Victor’s.

After witnessing the burning of Los Angeles, Madison, Travis, Daniel and their grieving families board the ‘Abigail’, still unaware of the true breadth and depth of the apocalypse that surrounds them. But as Operation Cobalt goes into full effect and the military bombs the Southland to cleanse it of the Infected, the Dead are driven toward the sea. As the group head for ports unknown, they will discover that the water may be no safer than land.

How many questions can you answer? Let us know in the comments below:

1. Who produces both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead?

a. Tony Moore
b. Greg Berlanti
c. Robert Kirkman




2. When did the first episode of The Walking Dead, called “Days Gone By”, premier?

a. September 23, 2009
b. October 31, 2010
c. January 15, 2011




3. What is the title of the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead?

a. “Pilot”
b. “Cobalt”
c. “Monster”




4. Which character from the Walking Dead was created specifically for the actor and does not exist in the comic?

a. Sophia
b. Daryl
c. Jim




5. In The Walking Dead, by what ratio do the Walkers outnumber the living?

a. 37:1
b. 700:1
c. 5000:1




6. Which of the following are NOT used to refer to the “Walkers” on The Walking Dead?

a. Roamers
b. Zombies
c. Lurkers




7. What is the name of the Boat the characters try to escape on in Fear The Walking Dead?

a. The Abigail
b. The Andromeda
c. The Allison




8. Who has killed the most walkers in The Walking Dead?

a. Daryl
b. Andrea
c. Rick




9. Where does Fear The Walking Dead take place?

a. Georgie
b. Chicago
c. Los Angeles




10. When does Fear The Walking Dead take place? 

a. Ten years before the events of The Walking Dead
b. During the Time in which Rick is in a Coma
c. At the same time




11. How do they refer to “walkers” on Fear The Walking Dead?

a. The infected
b. Floaters
c. Biters




12. True or False: The Walking Dead is based on a series of comics?

a. True
b. False




13. True or False: The characters on The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead often refer to “walkers” as “Zombies”

a. True
b. False




Don’t miss what Complex UK described as “the best zombie show on TV” as FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is available to pre-order now from Amazon and arrives on Blu-ray™ and DVD from 5th December 2016, courtesy of Entertainment One.

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About Entertainment One
Entertainment One (LSE:ETO) is a leading international entertainment company that specializes in the acquisition, production and distribution of film and television content.  The company’s comprehensive network extends around the globe including Canada, the U.S., the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Spain, France, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South Korea.  Through established Entertainment and Distribution divisions, the company provides extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production, kids programming and merchandising and licensing. Its current rights library is exploited across all media formats and includes more than 35,000 film and television titles, 2,800 hours of television programming and 45,000 music tracks.

About AMC Studios
AMC Studios is the in-house studio and production operation for AMC Networks Inc., which owns and operates the AMC, IFC, SundanceTV, WE tv and BBC America television networks.  AMC Studios’ first series was “The Walking Dead,” which is the highest-rated basic cable program in the history of television and has been the #1 show on television among adults 18-49 for the past three years. Since then, AMC Studios has produced several critically acclaimed, award-winning and culturally distinctive series, including AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” which delivered the highest-rated first season in the history of cable television, “TURN: Washington’s Spies,” “Halt and Catch Fire” and “Into the Badlands,” and for SundanceTV, the Peabody Award-winning “Rectify” and forthcoming “Hap and Leonard.”

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